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Reduce IT noise

with BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform

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The tools you use to monitor & manage your increasingly complex IT stack are generating an enormous amount of IT noise

This noise is overwhelming your IT Ops team, affecting your users, and causing major headaches for the business.
What’s the answer? BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform.

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Reduce Noise, Cost-effectively and at Scale

To cope with overwhelming noise, organizations frequently grow IT Ops and NOC headcount. This is not scalable because IT complexity and IT noise are rising exponentially while budgets are declining.

BigPanda uses Open Box Machine Learning to reduce noise by over 95%. This boosts the ability of your existing IT Ops and NOC teams to detect, investigate and resolve more incidents than ever before.

Eliminate False Positives

Because IT Ops and NOC teams are flooded with noise, it’s hard for them to spot the alerts that point to real problems. The noise also makes it hard for them to discern root cause and resolve incidents faster.

BigPanda uses Open Box Machine Learning to reduce noise, eliminate false positives and create correlated incidents.

Then, BigPanda enriches those incidents with rich context, and surfaces probable root cause to facilitate faster investigation and resolution.

Get More From Your Existing Tools

You’ve invested in a number of best-of-breed monitoring tools. But the excessive noise they generate means that you’re forced to either ignore their data or turn them off altogether. This is both wasteful and frustrating.

Firehose the data generated by your monitoring tools to BigPanda so that BigPanda can discard the noise and surface buried insights. This helps your teams work better, and it lets your management realize the ROI on their investments.

Become Proactive

By reducing IT noise, BigPanda lets your IT Ops and NOC teams focus on investigating and remediating P3 and P2 incidents before they escalate into P1 and P0 incidents that wreak havoc.

What does this mean for your team? Fewer escalations, fewer outages, and fewer incidents.

And for your business? Improved availability, performance and MTTx.

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Noise Reduction


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