IT Ops Event Correlation and Automation platform powered by AIOps

Prevent and resolve IT outages

Built from the ground-up for large scale and complex IT environments, BigPanda’s Event Correlation and Automation platform helps organizations prevent and resolve IT outages through its innovative technology, implemented throughout the various components of the product.

Explore the different product capabilities to learn about their unique features and the advantages they offer IT operations teams who want to improve service availability and increase business velocity.

Prevent incidents from escalating into outages

IT Ops Event Correlation

Prevent incidents from escalating into outages

BigPanda aggregates, normalizes and enriches data from across your fragmented tools for observability, monitoring, change and topology. It then uses AI and machine learning to correlate that data into actionable insight.

This helps IT Operations teams detect incidents as they form, in real-time, before they escalate into painful outages.

BigPanda also provides IT executives, Service Owners, and team managers with powerful analytics to track incident trends, KPIs and metrics to increase long-term operational efficiencies.

Reduce IT noise

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Enable rapid incident and outage resolution

BigPanda gives organizations the ability to quickly drill down and isolate the root cause of incidents and outages. This includes automatically identifying changes to infrastructure and applications that cause most outages and incidents today, as well as lower-level infrastructure problems.

Instead of wasting hours or days on bridge calls trying to find the root cause of outages, IT Operations teams can now identify root cause in minutes and take action quickly.

Understand root cause

Level-0 Automation

Level-0 Automation

Automate manual tasks to speed up incident response

BigPanda streamlines the incident response lifecycle with automatic incident triage, automatic bi-directional ticketing, automatic notifications and automatic war room creation. BigPanda also connects to third-party runbook automation tools to run workflow automations that enable faster incident response and increase your team’s efficiency.

BigPanda gives IT Operations teams time back that was once spent on manual tasks, shaves critical seconds and minutes off the incident management lifecycle, and drives faster incident resolution.

Eliminate manual tasks

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BigPanda leads the way with domain-agnostic AIOps

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Reduce manual ticket creation

Manual ticket creation can be both inefficient and painful. It’s difficult and frustrating to manage the barrage of incoming alerts, then opening tickets, and filling out details for each ticket…only to discover later that the issue had already been resolved.

Find out how to ease the pain of ticket creation in this episode of Tips for NOCs.

Our IT Operations team transitioned to working from home while experiencing a surge of new business—the likes we only see during Christmas and Black Friday normally. BigPanda helps us with a unified view of our IT environment from one console.”

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