The World’s First
Autonomous Operations Platform

The Problem

Your organization is counting on you, the IT ops team, to delight customers 24×7 without outages or glitches. But increasing complexity, the demands of digital transformation, and proliferating specialized tools mean that your team is constantly fighting fires. There is tremendous risk to your business from headline-grabbing outages and unhappy vocal users, not to mention the risk to your digital transformation initiatives. What can you do?

BigPanda’s Solution

Open Box Machine Learning

BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning drives BigPanda Autonomous Operations platform. It creates transparent, always up-to-date and effective automation logic that helps your IT ops team become more efficient and productive.

LØ Autonomous Layer

LØ is the critical software layer inside BigPanda Autonomous Operations platform that’s powered by our unique Open Box Machine Learning technology. LØ facilitates autonomous first response to IT incidents so your ops team can handle more incidents than before, and faster.

Open Integration Hub

BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub is a critical element of BigPanda Autonomous Operations platform. It gives you a broad set of connectors and APIs so you can ingest events from any source, correlate them with data from your topology and CMDB tools, and share your correlated incidents with users inside your collaboration, ticketing and notification systems.

Operations Console

BigPanda’s Operations Console is the primary real-time visualization component inside BigPanda Autonomous Operations platform. Simple and intuitive, it accelerates real-time troubleshooting, makes historical root cause analysis easier, and simplifies workflows so your ops team is more productive.

Unified Analytics

Unified Analytics is a powerful reporting and analytics layer inside BigPanda Autonomous Operations platform. It provides deep insights into the performance of your services, applications and team members. Out-of-the-box KPIs and metrics, ad-hoc and custom reports, and the ability to work with your existing BI/DW tools help you rapidly improve your operational efficiencies.

Enterprise Cloud Platform

BigPanda Autonomous Operations platform is powered by a secure, native cloud service that’s proven in production at some of the world’s largest enterprises. BigPanda can be deployed in just weeks so you realize value quickly, without expensive services engagements. Once deployed, updates and upgrades are seamlessly delivered so your operations are never disrupted.

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