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Open Box Machine Learning

Automation Logic That Gives You Transparency, Trust & Control

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Black Box Machine Learning is a Major Problem

Incident management inside large enterprises continues to be very manual, highly inefficient and mostly ineffective, not to mention costly and risky. A limited amount of automation has crept in, but it’s mostly rules-based and therefore ineffective. Machine Learning can help but current “black box” approaches are opaque and can’t be reliably trusted.

Big Panda’s Solution

Advanced Machine Learning

Open Box Machine Learning is BigPanda’s unique and pragmatic approach to algorithmic machine learning that’s guided by the principles of full transparency, testability and control.

Always The Most Effective Algorithm

BigPanda uses a variety of Machine Learning algorithms, such as Unsupervised Learning, Supervised Learning, Cluster Analysis and Pattern Matching, so you’re assured of the most effective incident management logic in every situation.

Real-Time Processing

BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning processes IT incidents in real-time, across the dimensions of topology, context and alert types, so there’s never any lag between incident and response.

Open Box Control Panel

BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning provides users a control panel with a Live Pattern Viewer, a Pattern Editor and a Pre-Production Tester, so you’re assured of full transparency, testability and control at all times.

Constant Learning

As new data is collected, BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning uses it to suggest new, ever-more-efficient correlation logic so you’re always moving up the efficiency curve.

Incorporates Human Knowledge

BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning lets you incorporate your team’s knowledge and best practices into the automation logic, so you can re-use your hard-won business and tribal knowledge.

“BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning technology suggests correlation patterns much faster than we could do on our own. We can review suggested patterns and see the projected results.”

Brian Kendall, VP Service Assurance at Rise Broadband