Values and culture

Find out what it’s like to be a Panda.

Leading with HEART

Every day, we are under pressure to make good decisions and answer hard questions. Information is imperfect. Time is short. Stress is high. And the road ahead is shrouded with fog.

Our values are our operating system. The beauty of them is that they cut through the fog and guide us in the right direction. They help us make smart decisions despite stress and uncertainty.



Challenges are constant. To thrive, one must be hungry to challenge the status quo and driven to clear the path to success.



Excellence is hard to define and always objective. Being excellent isn’t being perfect, but the dedication to course correct, learn, grow and to not settle for less.



We strive to create an environment where trust and respect give people the confidence to speak their minds.



Steve Jobs said it best: “Focusing is about saying no.” We must stay focused on doing fewer things with excellence, rather than many things with mediocrity.


the Journey

Life is too short to do something you aren’t passionate about or to work with people who don’t inspire you. We aim to celebrate each other’s wins and lend a helping hand.

Pandas in the wild

Spotted! Want to see what Pandas like to do in their free time? Check out some of our favorite things

Why be a Panda?

Our Pandas are special people, and we think BigPanda is a pretty special organization, too. So what is it that makes Pandas stand apart? We like to think about our employee experience in three main pillars.

Values and culture

The final piece of our values, Treasure the Journey, drives how we think about our employee experience. It’s essential that our Pandas are supported in their personal lives as humans first—outside of just how they show up to work. Having a culture of people who value, respect and enjoy each other’s company is something we think is quite special.


We strongly believe that you shouldn’t have to go elsewhere to grow your career. Our mission is to support our employees by giving them a career path within BigPanda and the opportunity to develop their skills and expertise across different functions.


Our customers are some of the largest organizations in the world, and they depend on us to run their businesses. We are integral to their missions, and are just getting recognized in the world of AIOps. With new roles and departments constantly growing by demand, being a Panda offers the opportunity to develop skills and take on new opportunities in areas you are interested in instead of coloring inside of the lines.

Panda wellbeing practices

A job is more than just a paycheck.
We care about our Pandas and want to make sure they are supported in both their professional and personal lives.

Workplace flexibility

We love to mingle with our friends in the office, but we love our new work-from-home set up, too. Where is your desired office?

Competitive equity

We’re all owners. BigPanda rewards all Pandas with equity, and top performers can expect refresh grants annually.

Health benefits

You and your family shouldn’t worry about healthcare. We offer global competitive benefits in local markets.


Hosted on a quarterly and annual basis, HEART awards recognize Pandas for, leading with values. BigPanda will adopt a Panda in winner’s names and annual award winners get $1,000 to donate to a local organization of their choice. 


Employee ran and created, Pandapacks are any group of Pandas with a shared interest or hobby. Each pack receives a yearly budget to put towards fun activities to do together. 

ERGs @ BigPanda

Fostering inclusion is something we think is essential in the workplace. BigPanda’s ERG program is built to support any group of Pandas with a shared identity or mission. Bringing your whole self to work everyday.

Flexible time off

We want you to have the flexibility to take time off as you need, so we have generous PTO plans to support work/life balance.

Financial wellness

We partner with Origin 1:1 Financial Planning services so all Pandas can create and personalize financial plans.

Career development

Each Panda gets a yearly development budget to use toward skill-building programs, and we cultivate career-building conversations.

Every Panda has an interesting story to tell