The BigPanda way

Find out what it’s like to be a Panda.

While we can talk about AIOps all day, it’s our people and values that we hold closest to our heart. Find out what it means to us to be a Panda!

Leading with HEART

BigPanda is a values-driven company. Our values guide who we hire, who we promote and who we reward. Individually they are Hunger, Excellence, Active Transparency, Relentless Focus and Treasure the Journey. Together, they are HEART. They are at our core as we work to build a world-class global organization of professionals who want to work in a positive, inclusive environment.



Pandas are hungry to build. They have an inherent hunger to build innovative software, a world-class business, and a great culture. It’s a hunger that comes from within—achievement is something YOU want for yourself.



We have high standards, for ourselves and our peers. We win with excellence. We aim to create experiences for our customers and partners that exceed their expectations.



Clarity drives velocity. Transparency drives clarity. We aim to be transparent—at both the company and individual level. Transparency is a part of our product, and our culture.



There is only so much time in the day. We continually focus on doing a few things very well rather than a lot of things with mediocrity.


the Journey

Life is too short to do something you aren’t passionate about. Work with people who inspire you. Make time to build personal relationships. Lend a helping hand to someone who may need it. Celebrate every win.

It’s important that our product works as advertised and customers get value from it every day.

– Eviatar Saidoff, R&D Engineering Team Lead

Quote Eviatar

HEART in everything we do

Creating something new requires a mix of confidence and humility. At BigPanda, we are confident in the product and culture we’ve built, and have the humility to know that we can always get better at delivering for our customers.


Innovation offers opportunity

Our product provides our clients with clarity, allowing them to better serve their customers and keep their businesses running. Our innovations serve to make their lives easier.


Development offers opportunity

That’s why internal promotion and career development are central to our culture. We know that smart people, and especially smart Pandas, want new opportunities. They shouldn’t have to go elsewhere—our focus on talent and internal movement aims to give employees a career path within BigPanda, meaning we can innovate more, serve more clients, and develop more great Pandas.


Scale offers opportunity

Our customers are some of the largest organizations in the world, that have come to depend on the Internet to run their business.

BigPanda is integral to that mission, and therefore working at BigPanda will offer the opportunity to develop skills to support large global businesses at scale.

Quote Daniel

We don’t just love Pandas…we love all creatures, big and small.

– Daniel Starobinski

Panda perks

A job is more than just a paycheck. We care out our Pandas and want to make sure they are supported overall as a human too with both their professional and personal life.

Hybrid first

#WFH4ever. We love to mingle with our friends in the office, but love our new WFH set up too. We offer completely remote positions along with a sweet hybrid option. Or want to come into an office everyday? We can make that happen too!


Pandas work hard. We strive to provide everyone with the flexibility they need to do a great job for BigPanda and themselves. We want to make sure you have the flexibility to spend with your family or go on that trip you’ve been pushing off, and have generous PTO plans to support a flexible work life balance.


Bringing employees together enriches our culture. We give any group of five employees who want to come together around a shared topic $250 per quarter to fund their fun. We already have Packs for gardening, hiking, poker and the NFL. What passion do you want to share with your fellow Pandas?

Competitive equity

We’re all owners. BigPanda believes in rewarding all Pandas with equity, and top performers can expect refresh grants annually.


We care about our Pandas. That’s why in the US we offer plans that pay 100% of employee premiums, and 80% for families. Globally, we offer a host of competitive benefits in local markets.

Fast growth

With over 200 employees across the US, UK and Israel, we are on a high velocity growth path. High growth creates opportunities for advancement and movement.


From our enablement teams to our focus on internal promotion and career development, BigPanda is a great place to build a career.

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