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Financial Services Customer Story

Major investment management firm integrated 50+ IT tools to improve IT Ops situational awareness.

Investment management firms are relied upon for their expertise, security, stability and capital growth. One such financial services provider was struggling with downtime, poor customer experience, and financial penalties from missed SLAs and regulatory fines due to their Moogsoft IT operations tool. The firm ended up replacing its legacy solution with BigPanda to resolve those issues and modernize their incident management, powered by AIOps.
Airline Customer Story

Major American airline resolved a P1 outage in just 21 minutes.

To keep flight operations running, dozens of applications need to work in perfect concert. An outage of one minor background service can ground planes and lead to losses that easily reach millions of dollars in lost revenue and customer service nightmares.
Fortune 500 Retail Customer Story

Fortune 500 retailer saved five hours per IT Ops incident with auto-remediation.

One of BigPanda’s customers in the retail sector is responding to the changing industry landscape with technology-driven in-store experiences, including mobile point of sale (mPoS) kiosks. In order to maximize uptime and drive adoption, they knew they had to overcome challenges with manual workflows and lack of visibility into their systems.
The Gartner Hype Cycle for I&O Automation

The Gartner Hype Cycle for I&O Automation

The Gartner Hype Cycle for I&O Automation, 2021 provides insight into what technologies are fundamental to automation success and best practices for deploying them.
BigPanda University Overview


A quick summary of BigPanda’s No Experts Required set-up steps.
BigPanda University Integrations


Learn how to quickly bring in all of the alerts from your monitoring tools.
Gartner 2021 Market Guide for AIOps Platforms

Gartner 2021 Market Guide for AIOps Platforms

This report will be of value to Infrastructure and Operations teams evaluating how AIOps can improve monitoring, service management and automation tasks with AI-powered anomaly detection, diagnostic information, event correlation, and root cause analysis (RCA).
Waste Management Customer Story

A customer journey: The road from IT Ops to AIOps

Have you thought about automating, but you’re not sure if it is the right time or if it will be too expensive? If so, you are not alone. Udo Strick, Lead Enterprise Systems Manager for Waste Management shares the path they took to automate – including before and after KPIs.
Pragmatic AIOps: A Buyer’s Guide

Pragmatic AIOps: A Buyer’s Guide

Given the complexity of today’s IT environments and the cost of downtime, many organizations have begun looking to AIOps to provide a solution. In response, many solution providers have incorporated the term “AIOps” into their tools and offerings, regardless of the underlying technology and presence or effectiveness of their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities.
Resolve '21

On-demand virtual event: Resolve ’21

RESOLVE ‘21 is the only free virtual conference designed exclusively for IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE professionals who are creating the next-gen operations environment with AIOps, machine learning, automation and world-class incident management. Now available on-demand, 14 incredible lessons to choose from.
The colorful life of Pandas - a coloring book to help IT Ops teams de-stress

The colorful life of Pandas – a coloring book to help IT Ops teams de-stress

IT manager positions are ranked as the #2 most stressful jobs, behind only physicians. Why the sudden increase in stress? Who else can support rapid transformation to everything-digital, while keeping an eye on service uptime? To help our IT heroes de-stress a bit, we put together the first BigPanda coloring book – 17 fun Pandas, […]

Gartner report: Innovation Insight for Observability

It is no secret that COVID-19 changed IT. Digital experiences are a must have. Hybrid and multicloud environments are the norm. Data analytics, AI/ML and IoT are more prevalent as organizations realize the benefits to their organization.
BigPanda picks up where Netcool left off

BigPanda picks up where Netcool left off

BigPanda provides a streamlined process to seamlessly move from Netcool to an event correlation solution designed with transparent, powerful Open Box Machine Learning instead of just aggregation, connecting the dots across monitoring and management systems to reveal patterns and insights.
Simplifying the migration from Netcool to BigPanda

Simplifying the migration from Netcool to BigPanda

Netcool/Omnibus customers are faced with the challenge of trying to support dynamic, cloud based environments using a rules-based solution that was built in the 1990’s for legacy infrastructures. That’s why BigPanda created a five-step go-live process called “PANDA Rollout” designed to help large, complex enterprises go-live with BigPanda in under 12 weeks.
On-demand webinar: The true costs of downtime to your organization

On-demand webinar: The true costs of downtime to your organization

Do you know how much a minute of downtime costs your organization? If you don’t, you’re not alone. We know that as an IT leader, you have a mandate to reduce costs, increase performance and availability and perhaps most important, drive the strategy for future scalability of your company’s tools and infrastructure.
IT Ops in 2021: what’s ahead!

IT Ops in 2021: what’s ahead!

Prior to the COVID pandemic, organizations knew that digital transformation had to be part of their growth strategy. However, each sector and organization created their own timeline for when such initiatives would be undertaken. What we have learned from the COVID-driven economy is that there is no time for delay. Organizations have to digitally transform […]

On-demand webinar: 2021 IT Ops predictions

2020 was a tumultuous year for everyone, including IT Operations. In this panel discussion, IT Ops pros from NTT Data, WEC Energy Group, Machinify and Blackrock 3 Partners provide insights on what IT Operations will look like in 2021 and how it will continue to evolve.
IT Crisis Management : How AIOps Cuts Costly Downtime and Support Teams

IT Crisis Management : How AIOps cuts costly downtime and supports teams

The cost of downtime is higher than ever, amplifying pressure on IT Ops, NOCs, and DevOps to minimize outages. Meanwhile, it keeps getting harder to maintain system reliability. Augmenting IT Operations with artificial intelligence (AIOPs) can help relieve this pressure and enhance reliability by helping IT teams keep ahead of shifting, multilayered challenges. This CIO […]
BigPanda Press Release

BigPanda Customer Resource Center

An online Slack forum for BigPanda customers Please join the customer-only Slack channel, a real-time forum for dialog about any IT topics you want to bring up. Again, this is a forum for IT Ops professionals to communicate with each other and BigPanda does not participate or share content unless you specifically direct a question […]

BigPanda Root Cause Changes

Changes are responsible for more than 85% of incidents and outages. Find out how BigPanda integrates and analyzes information from your CI/CD and change tools to quickly identify the root cause changes.

What is Autonomous Operations?

BigPanda enables IT Operations to intelligently automate incident management and keep up with complex demands of digital transformation.
TIVO Customer Story

TiVo Embraces BigPanda

TiVo's CIO, explains how BigPanda powers TiVo's ‘Ultimate Entertainment Experience’ by solving their their complex IT Ops challenges, reducing their IT Noise by 94% and being a true partner on their road to Autonomous Ops.
Customer Story | Autodesk

Online Gaming Giant Embraces BigPanda To Handle Explosive Growth

A successful online video game developer, publisher and eSports tournament organizer has grown rapidly to have a global presence and tens of millions of players. As the company grew its operations and customer base, meeting player expectations became an increasingly difficult challenge.

Make Icinga work better with automated noise suppression

Given that the very development of Icinga arose from the need for additional functionalities in open source monitoring, it’s little surprise that the tool has become indispensable for so many IT professionals. Its configurability and flexibility allow for a sophisticated approach to monitoring, which is both scalable and extensible to large, complex environments.BigPanda’s 2016 State of […]

Gartner selects BigPanda as a “Cool Vendor”

For a bunch of data nerds, we’re glad to say that we can officially sit at the cool kids’ table. We’re proud to share that Gartner, the world’s premier information technology research and advisory company, has selected BigPanda as a “Cool Vendor” in Availability and Performance. BigPanda was named in Gartner’s latest report, “Cool Vendors in Availability and Performance 2016”, […]

BigPanda + JIRA Service Desk Guest Blog

How alert correlation helps Dev and Ops work better together This post was recently published as a guest blog by our friends at Jira Service Desk. You can find the original post here. We all need to move fast in order to stay competitive. But the faster things move, the faster things break. While many […]

BigPanda + HipChat Blog

BigPanda for HipChat Connect: The pint of Guinness your DevOps teams deserve You’ve solved your noisy alert problem with BigPanda. Now solve your noisy ChatOps problem with BigPanda and HipChat, thanks to HipChat’s new integrations platform, HipChat Connect. If every incident update were to push a new message, your Ops chatrooms would quickly become more […]

On-demand webinar: How to Reduce Downtime with BigPanda and ServiceNow

Join BigPanda’s Dan Turchin and ServiceNow’s Patrick DeMartine to learn how to automate Event Management to suppress noisy alerts by integrating the two. Only getting notified when critical issues require action keeps your Ops teams focused on fixing the right problems faster. The integration takes minutes without code and the results are significant: up to […]


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BigPanda University Overview


A quick summary of BigPanda’s No Experts Required set-up steps.
BigPanda University Integrations


Learn how to quickly bring in all of the alerts from your monitoring tools.

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