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We’re more dependent than ever on cloud infrastructure. At work. At home. At play. But what happens when the cloud fails? Ask the more than 75 million Netflix subscribers or more than 100,000 companies that rely on They’ll tell you cloud failures are costly and painful.

Cloud-based apps and services must be available all the time… and yet they aren’t. DevOps and NOC teams responsible for maintaining their health must resolve issues immediately… and yet they can’t. On this MonitoringScape Live episode hear from the experts why cloud monitoring is critical, why it’s hard, and what organizations are doing to help all of us live cloudier, better lives.

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When we released the first version of MonitoringScape six months ago, we set out to help IT professionals navigate the ever-growing and evolving world of modern monitoring. Since then, this landscape has only continued to proliferate and expand. Every month, promising new tools are popping up across a broad range of monitoring specialties – and we here at BigPanda are determined to keep MonitoringScape up-to-date to provide you with a go-to source for discovering and researching new solutions.

In that vein, we’re happy to announce the newest version of MonitoringScape, which includes more than 35 updates!

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We all agree on what DevOps isn’t: a product, service, mineral, or celestial body. And we mostly agree to disagree on when the coveted “DevOps” badge is earned. All of which is deeply unsatisfying.

I needed an answer to the question “what is DevOps?” so I turned to that oracle in the cloud, that omniscient arbiter of global zeitgeist. Boy was I disappointed.

Above is the first Google image result for the search “DevOps”.

Huh? 11 questions it made me ask...


We’re happy to announce that BigPanda now integrates with Catchpoint! Catchpoint is a popular cloud-based monitoring tool used by ops teams to measure availability and performance for synthetic transactions and real user web sessions. By integrating with BigPanda, Catchpoint customers can now aggregate all of their monitoring alerts in one place, intelligently clustering them to reduce alert noise and spot critical issues faster.

Tiffany Cantle

The top 5 of 2015

by December 24, 2015

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Who doesn’t like a countdown to celebrate the New Year? So as 2015 draws to a close, we thought it’s the perfect time to look back on our most popular stories of the year. From using MTTR as a performance KPI to measure ITOps performance, to tips on how to better prevent and remediate DDoS attacks, our team took a magnifying glass to some of the most critical topics facing ITOps teams today. Enjoy!

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As a TechOps community, we’re awash in buzz words. Most are initially used to establish geek credibility yet quickly become cliches. Take, for example, the term “DevOps”. From its inception as a Twitter hashtag used to promote a meetup in bucolic Ghent, Belgium in 2009, it began to be co-opted months later by ops teams around the world aspiring to manage infrastructure with code.

Recap AppSphere15

Software everywhere or software nowhere?

It was just last week, at AppSphere15 in Vegas, that I sat amongst a packed house at David Kirkpatrick’s keynote, staring up at these words in his deck.

“Software is increasingly everywhere”, Kirkpatrick explained, “but it’s so seamless that you don’t even see it. You just enjoy new efficiencies and ways of getting things done”.

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For many IT and Ops teams, Nagios is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, Nagios gives you near real-time visibility into the inner workings of your IT infrastructure. But on the other hand, Nagios can generate so many alerts that it’s impossible for any single person (or even any team) to keep up.

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