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We’re excited to announce BigPanda Environments, a powerful new feature that enables IT teams to create customized monitoring views for any slice of their IT infrastructure. From application to team – by cloud, customer or data center – create custom monitoring views for virtually any logical grouping of an IT environment.


Whether we practice more traditional operations processes with a 24x7 NOC and well-documented processes, or we’re embracing DevOps-styles with cross-functional teams and highly iterative methodologies, one problem we all face is the growing disconnect between our monitoring systems, the alerts they fire off, and the processes we’re using to handle operational issues. We log incidents in a ticket, but are the folks working on that ticket aware of the real-time status of the underlying incident? This doesn’t matter so much for help desk tasks like resetting passwords, ordering replacement hardware, or fixing a user’s phone. But for today’s complex environments and multi-level monitoring stacks, keeping teams in sync with dynamic service issues as they unfold is a real challenge.

Earlier this month at BigPanda we released our new Sharing feature, which allows NOC teams to quickly share active and critical incidents with the right teams and subject-matter experts.

BigPanda already helps NOC teams today by giving them instant visibility into incoming related alerts so that they don’t have to sift through dozens of emails and web pages with every outage or disruption. They can also attach playbooks and timeseries graphs directly to BigPanda, which means no more navigating around, combing through bookmarks, trying to find the right wiki page for that memory issue, or the right Graphite link for that misbehaving database host.


Now you can connect your monitoring stack with your workflow stack! BigPanda is excited to announce seamless IT incident sharing with the rest of your team in HipChat, Slack, JIRA, ServiceNow, & Asana.

We're excited to announce the release of a major new feature in BigPanda called Sharing!!

As you know BigPanda intelligently clusters your noisy alerts into high-level incidents. With our new Sharing feature, it's now easy to notify and collaborate with anyone on your team about critical incidents.

01 1Join us next Wednesday for a live introduction to BigPanda. Automatically consolidate alerts and take control of your alert madness. See critical incidents faster. Correlate alerts and deployments. Streamline NOC collaboration and resolve issues faster.


For those of you who are not familiar with Jenkins, it's a dead simple open sourced Continuous Integration solution, which takes absolutely no time to set up. 
Jenkins has a vibrant ecosystem and community, and until recently, Jenkins only had 999 plugins available...

03Last week was an exciting week. BigPanda announced $7 Million in funding from Sequoia Capital and Mayfield.  We are super excited that these two firms share our vision for changing the way that IT and DevOps teams manage and respond to the thousands of IT issues they face every day.

Last week, we also launched our offering into general availably. We announced new features, a plethora of new integrations, and pricing for teams of all sizes! Check out some of the highlights from last week’s coverage on BigPanda from TechCrunch, GigaOm, Computerworld, 451 Research and more.

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