Rishi is too humble to be the CIO of a Fortune 100 bank, too busy to be the father of four, too accomplished to blog about ice cream, and too educated to love John Gray. Mostly, he's too unpredictable to fit stereotypes and too passionate about everything he does to do anything at less than full throttle.

I met Rishi this week at the Pacific Crest Global Technology Leadership Forum in Vail where he was presenting and I was lucky to be in the audience. We spent an hour together before his talk that inspired me to rescue Nepalese orphans... and eat more ice cream.

Rishi's been an IT leader since before we called it that. He has helped organizations grow and shrink and grow again. He's more scared about the state of IT today than he has ever been.

Here are excerpts from the discussion...

What is MTTR? Don’t answer with what it stands for or how you use it. The question is more philosophical than literal. For too long we’ve measured operational performance based on the number of minutes it takes to resolve an incident. The almighty trend line slopes down then we gulp milk from the jug of IT inflated ego like NASCAR drivers drunk on Nagios exhaust fumes.

Like the Zen riddle about one hand clapping it’s important to first ask:

  1. What’s an incident?
  2. What does it mean to resolve one? …and (the ever-blasphemous)
  3. Is it unequivocally better to resolve them quickly?

My answers...

ITSM is evolving thanks to new capabilities that make it easy to visualize service health based on real-time CMDB updates fed via automated change management driven by smarter monitoring infrastructure. We’re nearing a time where machines will manage machines. At BigPanda, we’re doing our part to get there quickly.

In 1792, the New York Stock Exchange opened its doors on Wall Street with five stocks available for trade. Today, more than 2,800 companies list on the NYSE with a combined market value of more than $15 trillion. In 223 years, everything except the name has changed.

Today we announced an integration with the excellent cloud monitoring system Librato which was recently acquired by SolarWinds. We’ve enjoyed working with the Librato team to bring the product to market and now are eagerly awaiting feedback from the loud and proud community of BigPanda+Librato users.

At BigPanda, we always enjoy hearing about our customers’ monitoring setups. A fascinating pattern we’ve noticed is the uniqueness of each setup.

Last year was an amazing experience, and we couldn’t wait to come back for more. BigPanda will be back at Monitorama to hear talks from leading open source developers, web operations experts, and a variety of thought leaders in the monitoring space.

Last week, Google announced several changes to its cloud platform. First, AppScale, the company that provides an open source implementation of Google’s application platform, Google App Engine, is receiving a direct investment from Google in order to accelerate the interoperability between AppScale and Google App Engine. This is a smart move, and it should help developers overcome the app portability issue that is ushering in a new era of vendor-lock within public clouds.

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