Improve performance and availability

BigPanda helps improve service availability

BigPanda helps organizations improve performance and availability of their critical business applications and systems, reducing MTTR by 50% or more. This helps IT operations teams preserve user experiences, automate different aspects of incident management, collaborate more effectively, eliminate noise and reduce constant firefighting.

Reducing MTTR

or more

Why are services hard to keep up and running?

IT complexity, manual processes and unending alert noise are constantly working to undermine the availability of digital services and business’ reputation. IT operations teams often struggle to manage legacy tools that can’t keep up with the volumes and variety of monitoring data, generated by ever-growing IT scale and complexity.

Here is a side-by-side look at the challenges and how BigPanda helps:

People Engaged

Poor user experiences

Today’s IT scale, complexity and pace of change are creating more incidents and outages than ever before, and resolving these complex problems is more difficult than ever. Critical revenue-generating applications and services experience painful, frequent and prolonged outages.

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With BigPanda: improve user experiences

By using Machine Learning to correlate alerts, changes and topology data, BigPanda detects incidents as they start to form and before they escalate into outages. This reduces the frequency and impact of outages that affect critical revenue-generating applications and services. When outages do occur, BigPanda surfaces the root cause and routes them to the right teams, for rapid resolution. Fewer SLAs are breached, and users are happier.

Manual Workflows

Manual workflows

Because many aspects of incident management are very manual and inefficient, incidents and outages take longer to resolve. The performance and availability of critical applications and services are degraded for long periods of time.

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With BigPanda: automate workflows

BigPanda automates different aspects of incident management – including ticketing, sharing with chat and notification tools, and custom workflows – so that IT Ops, NOC, DevOps, and SRE teams don’t waste time on manual tasks. It also provides ML-driven insights like probable root-cause and business impact, which accelerate remediation. This means that critical apps and services suffer from fewer incidents and outages. And when they do, performance and availability are restored faster.

Diminished Customer Loyalty

Diminished customer loyalty

Enterprises are under enormous revenue and margin pressure today. Given a plethora of choices and low switching costs, customer loyalty is hard to earn and harder to keep. Over time, poor application and service experiences or failed transactions cause frustration and put future revenue at risk.

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With BigPanda: protect customer loyalty

BigPanda reduces the frequency, duration and impact of outages so that enterprises can more reliably serve their customers and continue to take customer orders or process transactions with far fewer interruptions. BigPanda also lets users drive long-term improvements to their incident management capabilities by providing actionable, insight-rich reports highlighting KPIs, metrics and trends.


Fragmented team collaboration

Fragmented and inefficient collaboration between IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams results in incidents and outages getting stuck in different stages of the incident management lifecycle. This needlessly prolongs incidents and outages, increasing downtime and MTTR.

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With BigPanda: streamline team collaboration

BigPanda streamlines collaboration between IT Operations team members using it, as well as with other teams that use ticketing, chat and collaboration tools via bi-directional sharing and syncing. This helps enterprises improve application and service performance and availability, and reduces MTTR.


Massive alert noise

Most enterprises have significant investments in 15 or more monitoring tools. These tools provide deep visibility into their part of the infrastructure or app landscape, but they generate an overwhelming amount of noise. IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams drown in this noise and can’t focus on real incidents until it’s too late.

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With BigPanda: eliminate alert noise

BigPanda uses ML to correlate alerts, changes and topology data together, and reduces IT noise by over 95%. BigPanda provides unprecedented control over it’s ML, letting users see the logic in plain english, edit it and incorporate their tribal knowledge, and test and preview results before deploying changes into production. No longer overwhelmed and distracted by IT noise, IT operations teams can catch evolving incidents as they happen, before they escalate into crippling outages.


Constant firefighting

Because Ops teams are drowning in alert noise, critical incidents fall through the cracks or just wait in line for an operator to have time to handle them. In other words, Ops teams can’t detect incidents in real-time. When these incidents escalate into outages, and users complain, these teams switch to a reactive mode and are forever stuck there.

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With BigPanda: reduce firefighting

By reducing alert noise by 95%, detecting incidents as they start to form, and surfacing them before they escalate into crippling outages, BigPanda helps IT operations teams work more efficiently. This helps these teams switch out of their reactive mode and into a proactive mode.

So, what are you waiting for?