Incident 360 from BigPanda

Easily investigate and analyze incidents, determine their root cause, and take action on them – all from one screen.

Incident 360 graphic

A single pane of glass for ITOps, DevOps, and SRE teams

Consolidate event data from various sources for insights into multi-source incident alerts and your IT environment’s overall health.

Active IT incident feed

A summary view of the active incident feed enables users to assess the overall health of critical applications and services at-a-glance to determine where to prioritize remediation efforts.

Active IT incident feed graphic
 Incident context to drive action graphic

Incident context to drive action

Get the full context of an incident’s correlated alerts, so you have all of the information needed to categorize, assign, and remediate incidents.

IT incident timeline visualization

View the full historical alert feed of an incident, allowing operators to understand the cascading series of alerts and accurately hone in on probable root cause.

IT incident timeline visualization graphic
Related changes tab graphic

Related changes tab

See all incident-impacting changes across all hybrid cloud environments and the AI-driven probable root cause, so NOC or ITSM teams can quickly identify and roll-back specific changes that cause incidents.

Real-time Topology Mesh

Merges full-stack topology information from configuration management platforms, orchestration tools, and application performance management for visibility across the stack, encompassing applications architectures, cloud environments and physical networks.

Real-time Topology Mesh graphic

Incident management at a glance

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Shared situational awareness

“For us, an alert is not actionable unless it comes into BigPanda, is enriched, and is potentially correlated with the other alerts in the system.”

Jon Moss
Head of Software Engineering at Zayo

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Simplified root cause analysis for IT environments

“BigPanda helps us detect incidents and uncover probable root cause in real-time, which significantly reduces our MTTR.”

Michael Lorenzo
Senior Director of Operations for the Global NOC at FreeWheel

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Simplified ITOps workflows

“With BigPanda we achieved a 94% reduction in alert noise, which allowed us to consolidate our previous 2,500 alerts a day into 150 actionable events.”

Sanjay Chandra
CIO at TiVo


What does the first pane of glass offer to incident management?

BigPanda’s Incident 360 provides real-time visibility into correlated alerts from across your technology stack, including applications architectures, cloud environments, and physical networks, so that you can easily detect, categorize, assign, and remediate incidents – no matter where they originated.

What details are included in the overview of an incident?

In the Incident panel of BigPanda, operators see critical information that is required to address potential incidents efficiently, including relevant alerts, changes, timeline, potential root cause, autoshare ability, and a topology mesh mapping of hosts, targets, checks, and apps.

How does Incident 360 help with faster root cause analysis?

Operators have all the details they need to mitigate and resolve incidents – right at their fingertips – without having to manually dig through logs, check unrelated or low-quality alerts, or start a massive bridge call with unimpacted teams.