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BigPanda’s Incident 360

The most intuitive real-time IT incident management interface for IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams

IT Ops, NOC, DevOps, and SRE teams struggle with complex and cumbersome consoles that require numerous manual steps across multiple tools, hindering real-time incident investigation, root cause analysis, and incident sharing between distributed teams and tools. This severely hampers productivity and efficiency, especially during outages and critical incidents.

A single pane of glass for IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams

Operations Console

BigPanda’s Incident 360 Console is the “single pane of glass” for IT operations teams. The console allows them to easily see and investigate incidents, analyze their impact, determine their root cause and take action on them, as well as collaborate with other team members to simplify their resolution – all from one screen.

By providing a comprehensive view into correlated and enriched incidents, teams can easily visualize the overall health of their IT environment and drill down into selected incidents to see their probable root cause surfaced by BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning.

They can then either drill further down through deep links into their integrated monitoring tools for forensics and deeper insights, or share/escalate incidents using ticketing, notification and chat tools which are also seamlessly integrated with BigPanda.

BigPanda’s Incident 360 Console has an intuitive user interface that was purpose-built for IT operations teams in large, complex enterprises. The simple three-pane design is easy to use, allowing operations teams to accomplish most actions with just a few clicks.

BigPanda Operations Console

Main features of BigPanda’s IT Incident Management 360 Console

Fully customizable IT environments

Fully customizable filtered views that allow users to decide which incidents they want to see. Environments can be defined based on any parameter – such as area of responsibility, location, severity, applications and more. Incidents can automatically be routed to any environment.

Real-time active IT incident feed

A real-time high-level summary view of the active incident feed, so users can easily visualize the overall health of critical applications and services, decide where to focus and make sure that nothing critical is falling through the cracks.

Consolidated IT incident overview

Shows a chosen incident’s consolidated view of the correlated alerts from which it is comprised, its related changes, and the most recent activity related to the incident.

Dynamic root cause based incident titles

The common root denominator BigPanda assigns it in real time, allowing IT operations teams to identify potential root causes at a glance.

IT incident timeline visualization

Shows the full history of an incident at a glance. allowing operators to understand the cascading series of alerts that help them pinpoint the probable root cause more easily.

Related changes tab

A searchable list of all the changes related to an incident, suggesting the suspected root cause changes, and allowing operators to accept the suggestion if approved. This slashes the time it takes to investigate and resolve incidents and outages.

Real-Time Topology Mesh

Uniquely pieces together the full-stack topology by merging information from configuration management platforms, orchestration tools, application performance management and configuration management databases. This gives users unparalleled visibility across the stack, encompassing applications architectures, cloud environments and physical networks.

IT Team collaboration

Is made simpler by allowing operators to assign incidents by letting them share them bi-directionally with external ticketing, notification, and chat tools, and by initiating other incident handling/resolution actions.

Team Collaboration

Find out how BigPanda’s Incident 360 Console works as a single pane of glass for IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams.

BigPanda’s IT Incident Management 360 Console offers many significant advantages for IT Ops teams

Intuitive and easy to use

Forget endless manuals and user training that lasts weeks. BigPanda’s Incident 360 Console takes just minutes to learn, so teams can be on BigPanda right away.

Shared situational awareness

Create shared situation awareness across IT operations teams by providing them with real-time full-stack visibility across observability, monitoring, change and topology data.

Simplified IT Ops workflow

Share incidents with enterprise ticketing, collaboration and other tools and teams, simplifying operational workflows and boosting.

Simplified Root cause analysis for IT Environments

By providing teams with probable root cause and everything else they need for investigating issues (including the Incident Timeline, Dynamic Titles, and more), the Incident 360 Console helps them slash the time it takes to investigate and resolve outages and incidents.

Role-based IT incident access

BigPanda provides secure, role-based access to different incidents, so that different teams across the enterprise have full-stack visibility into the performance and availability of their specific applications and services at all times.