Incident Intelligence

The path to faster, smarter triage

Incident Intelligence from BigPanda provides a powerful AI/ML-driven alert correlation engine that helps ITOps detect and triage incidents.

Incident Intelligence


The frequency, duration, and complexity of modern incidents exceeds human scale.

Teams need to connect alerts from across multiple sources into a single view. But the lack of business context and probable root cause makes it very difficult to respond quickly before an outage occurs.


Correlate alerts into incidents with rich context.

By adding context and business logic to incidents and surfacing their probable root cause, BigPanda dramatically improves incident response time. First responders get the tools they need to find solutions without escalating.

  • Faster detectionCorrelate alerts together using an AI/ML-powered correlation engine to build incidents in real time.
  • Accelerated triageAdd business context (such as priority, region, or customer tier) to incidents with custom tags, accelerating triage and boosting efficiency.
  • Reduced escalationsSurface critical information to act quickly, increasing incident resolutions without escalation.
  • Automated root cause analysisUse up-to-date topology models of your environment to surface upstream root causes of incidents.


The power of
Incident Intelligence

Topology integration

BigPands collects and visualizes topology data from your CMDB, APM tool, or anywhere else it resides.

Alert correlation

BigPanda uses operator-created or ML-suggested correlation patterns to bundle alerts, creating a complete view of incidents while maintaining transparency, testability, and control.

Incident enrichment

BigPanda enriches incidents with business context (such as severity, impacted services, or priority) so they can be quickly prioritized and routed.

Incident classification

BigPanda sorts incidents into environments based on source, location, team, or any other organizational criteria you need.

Change integration

ITOps teams often have to manually sift through recent changes in several different places to find them. BigPanda connects to change feeds and tools to aggregate your data into a single location.

Probable root cause

BigPanda correlates alerts using topology data and uses it to automatically surface potential upstream root causes. It also uses AI/ML to correlate suspicious recent changes with incidents.


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