Actionable alerts at your fingertips

Alert Intelligence from BigPanda distills millions of events into contextualized, actionable, and high-quality intelligent alerts in a single pane of glass.

Data Engineering

Turn down the volume on event noise

Most IT teams have more than 20 observability and monitoring tools, drowning ITOps, DevOps, and SRE teams in event noise. BigPanda distills raw event data into a high-quality stream of alerts, empowering ITOps teams to rapidly understand what is happening in their environments and focus on what’s really important.

Monitoring integrations

Instantly ingest events from across your monitoring and observability stack through a REST API, email alert, or SNMP trap, with most integrations being self-service.

Event filtering and normalization

Automatically suppress non-actionable events. Normalize heterogeneous data from different monitoring tools into a single, consistent format.

Event deduplication and aggregation

Intelligently parse incoming events to discard or merge duplicates and updates. When a monitored resource changes state, a new event is generated and presented to users in a single timeline view.

Alert enrichment

Annotate alerts with context tags extracted from payload data or topology sources. Leverage key information from your CMDB or service maps.

High-quality intelligent alerts in one place

Reduce alert noise by 90% or more

“BigPanda Alert Intelligence has given us new visibility and far more tangible data. Ultimately, we were able to reduce email alerts by more than 90%.”

Michael Lorenzo
Senior Director of Operations for the Global NOC
at FreeWheel

Increase value of monitoring tools

“For us, an alert is not actionable unless it comes into BigPanda, is enriched, and is potentially correlated with the other alerts in the system.”

Jon Moss
Head of Software Engineering at Zayo

Eliminate silos for enhanced alert management

“Without Alert Intelligence teams waste valuable time logging into many different programs. BigPanda streamlines this process so that user can identify, troubleshoot, and solve issues faster.”

Jon Brown
Senior Analyst at ESG – IT Operations, IT Service Management, FinOps, Sustainability in IT


How does Alert Intelligence increase the value of monitoring tools?

BigPanda Alert Intelligence helps you easily assess the impact of alerts by normalizing and enriching them with context such as location, host, or affected service data to increase their quality. This improved alert management allows users to visualize the value provided by all of their monitoring tools and adopt a more mature observability strategy.

How does Alert Intelligence reduce noise in IT operations?

BigPanda Alert Intelligence filters out false positives and benign events and deduplicates recurring or cross-platform repetitions of events. By identifying high-quality alerts, ITOps teams are able to focus on critical events that are at the root cause of incidents and outages.

What types of alerts are supported in BigPanda?

BigPanda offers a library of out-of-the-box integrations to popular monitoring and observability tools and allows you to configure, test, and deploy standard inbound integrations on your own. BigPanda lets you collect alerts from tens of thousands of IT systems and devices for better alert management, and ingest events sent via API or email within an intuitive, easy-to-use UI. For custom solutions, you can build advanced integrations by using the Open Integration Manager, Email Parser, or BigPanda API Reference.

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