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“Bungie was able to grow their technical footprint with BigPanda’s high alert compression, correlation, and centralized alert management.”


John Hamilton
Director Of Operations, Bungie
A single pane of glass
for IT Ops

21 min.

critical response preventing P1 outage

Improved ServiceNow
ticketing flow

5 hours

saved per incident by auto-remediation

Rapid auto-remediation across a complex environment


reduction of Mean Time to Respond

“BigPanda empowers TIVIT to take a proactive approach to incidents. As a result, we’ve improved our collaboration and communication to be a much more effective IT organization.”

George Bem
CTO and director of innovation, TIVIT

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“The Level-0 IT Ops layer auto-remediates 40% of incidents, leveraging operators’ tribal knowledge to execute automated playbooks.”

Global IPTV Provider

“There hasn’t been any impact on productivity [from COVID-19]. Our teams were able to turn on a dime and make the shift from working in the office to working at home.”

Major Insurance Provider

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