Workflow Automation

Accelerate your IncidentManagement Flow and Processes

Workflow Automation from BigPanda accelerates incident investigation and resolution by rapidly mobilizing the right teams and experts with automated notifications and ticketing.

Workflow Automation


IT incidents require dozens of manual actions.

Managing IT incidents in most organizations requires dozens of manual actions that stack up to increase toil for IT operations and delay incident resolution.


Reduce manual processes and mistakes.

BigPanda frees your incident responders from repetitive processes and wasted time and clears the path to auto-remediation.

  • Automated ticketingBigPanda automates ticket creation so teams can start working on incidents as soon as BigPanda detects them.
  • Automated notificationsBigPanda shares incidents with tools for notification and collaboration so the right teams can work on incidents as soon as we detect them.
  • Automated remediationBigPanda integrations make it easy to invoke tools such as StackStorm, Ansible, Rundeck, and others to fix issues deemed safe for auto-remediation.


The power of Workflow Automation

Ticketing automation

BigPanda connects bidirectionally with various ITSM solutions to create tickets and keep them updated, so teams can collaborate effectively within the tools they know.

On-call automation

BigPanda automatically shares incidents with on-call tools like PagerDuty so that only the right teams are paged.

Chat automation

BigPanda automates war room creation, shares relevant incidents in those war rooms, and invites the right experts.

Runbook automation

BigPanda integrates with third-party automation tools that execute runbook automations and next steps based on their results.


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