Automate and accelerate incident management workflows and processes

Workflow Automation from BigPanda accelerates incident investigation and resolution by rapidly mobilizing the right teams and experts and empowering them with automated notifications and ticketing.

Data Engineering

Reduce mistakes and toil by automating manual IT processes

Eliminate unnecessary effort. BigPanda frees your incident responders from repetitive processes and wasted time, clearing the path to auto-remediation.

Ticketing automation

BigPanda connects bidirectionally with ITSM solutions such as ServiceNow to create tickets and keep them updated, so teams can collaborate effectively within the tools they know.

On-call automation

BigPanda automatically shares incidents with the right teams through integration with on-call tools like PagerDuty and Opsgenie.

Chat automation

BigPanda is pre-integrated with chat and messaging services such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Comments and channel invitations can be shared automatically to drive collaboration.

Runbook automation

BigPanda integrates with third-party automation tools that execute runbook automations and recommend next steps based on their results.

The power of Workflow Automation

Automated ticketing

“We’ve automated an average of 83% of alerts that come into BigPanda. The bulk of our alerts now get resolved automatically or receive a ticket without our team having to manually investigate it from beginning to end.”

Mark Peterson
IT Operations Supervisor at Cambia Health Solutions

Automated notifications

“BigPanda is now integrated directly with Jira. Anything we escalate is automatically becoming a ticket. This has given us new visibility and far more tangible data and has led us to better cross-team communication, which is helping with event status and tracking.”

Michael Lorenzo
Senior Director of Operations for the Global NOC at FreeWheel

Automated remediation

“Without this tool our teams would waste valuable time logging into many different programs. BigPanda helped us streamline our process so that in turn we could solve issues and troubleshoot in a much more timely manner.”

Sanjay Chandra
CIO at TiVo


How does BigPanda use AI to streamline the incident response process?
BigPanda uses Generative AI to provide additional incident insights and context, automatically, to help teams respond more effectively and resolve incidents faster.
How does BigPanda integrate with automation platforms?

BigPanda’s sharing rules, flexible integrations, and API hub make it easy to configure rules to invoke auto-remediation tools such as StackStorm, Ansible, Rundeck, and more. These automated tools can be triggered to run from various states across the BigPanda platform, shaving critical minutes off of the incident management lifecycle.

How does BigPanda augment ServiceNow deployments?

BigPanda’s integration with ServiceNow allows our customers to reduce the volume of their service tickets, as well as enrich those tickets with relevant environment attributes, probable root cause, and information on environment changes that may be relevant. These enhancements result in improved incident management process flow, increased efficiency within the ITOps and Service Desk teams, shorter MTTR and reduced duration and frequency of service degradations and outages.

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