September 24, 2020

IT ops pros, like most everyone else, quickly adapted to working from home at the start of the pandemic. But some adjustments were made with the expectation of working from home for a matter of weeks. With timing around a return to the office uncertain, teams are thinking through new demands and the kinds of tools and features that ensure they can support app performance, when app performance is more important than ever before.

September 30 – October 1, 2020

Join hundreds of IT Ops, DevOps and SRE professionals for a virtual summit, hosted by BigPanda. Over the course of two days, a dozen customers and industry thought leaders will explain what factors set them up to manage through the last six months, what critical projects are on their 2021 roadmap, and any insights they want to share with other IT leaders who must be ready for anything.

November 4-5th, 2020

Join Forrester analysts, industry speakers, and hundreds of other technology leaders at Technology & Innovation Global to learn how to adapt to change with confidence and purpose. Through expert presentations, individual analyst meetings, and peer group roundtables, you’ll learn how leading businesses are adapting to win.