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Open Integration Hub

Bring Your Monitoring, Ticketing, Collaboration & Other Tools Together

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The Problem

Over the years, you and your team have invested in a variety of tools and systems to manage various aspects of your infrastructure. Today, these tools contain your IT alerts and incidents, contextual data and workflows. But it’s all siloed and fragmented. Expensive integration projects to bring them together are not viable. So your Ops team wastes time going from tool to tool and console to console to gather everything it needs to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

BigPanda’s Response

All Your Monitoring Data In One Place

BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub offers the broadest set of ready-to-use connectors so you can bring all your monitoring data into one place, for unified intelligence that is more valuable than the sum of its parts.

Open, Self-Service APIs

The Open Integration Hub provides easy-to-use, self-service REST APIs so you can quickly build connectors for your homegrown, custom and other tools.

Deep, Contextual Enrichment

The Open Integration Hub lets you easily connect to your configuration, change and topology tools, so you can enrich your incidents with deep, contextual information.

Enterprise Ticketing, Service Desk Integrations

The Open Integration Hub provides powerful bi-directional integration for enterprise ticketing, service desk and collaboration tools so you easily share BigPanda incidents with users in your ticketing, service desk and collaboration tools.

Robust SNMP Support

The Open Integration Hub supports SNMP v1, v2 and v2c, and gives you the ability to customize SNMP payloads, so you can easily gather real-time alerts from hundreds of EMS/NMS systems, tools and devices.

“Instead of committing our resources to managing the chaos, Autonomous Operations allows us to focus on managing the business.” Robert Duran, Senior Director of Information Security at Getty Images