The BigPanda Open Integration Hub

Unify monitoring, change, topology, and CMDB data to accelerate and automate processes for responders working within ITSM, chat, on-call, and automation tools.

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Future-proof AIOps with seamless integration of IT data

Ingest, normalize, filter, and enrich alert data to deliver the context teams need to rapidly identify, investigate and resolve incidents.

Platform integrations

Choose from popular out-of-the-box connectors, REST API, SNAP Agen, and email parser to combine all your monitoring, change, and topology data in one pane of glass.

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Normalize alerts,
faster data insights

Configure, test and normalize event and alert data from monitoring integrations into BigPanda without the need for custom code of professional services.

Eliminate unnecessary events

Detect and exclude events lacking meaningful signals, such as those from development, QA, or informational logs, minimizing processing costs and prioritizing attention on actionable items.

Alert Enrichment
Workflow Integrations

Connected ITOM ecosystem

Context-rich alerts and incident payload data is shared and updated in automation, ticketing, chat and other collaboration tools.

Enterprise-grade reliability, scale and performance

Reliably ingest and correlate millions of alerts, changes and topology records in real-time, with a pipeline supported modern cloud-native SaaS architecture optimized to deliver mission-critical data processing.

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Easy integrations for powerful results

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Comprehensive visibility across legacy and modern tools

“Automating our entire technology stack with BigPanda at its core is allowing us to get to the root cause of an event quicker which in turn drives a better MTTR, delivers a better customer experience, and allows us to better scale using technology, not headcount. There is no limit to what we can do now that we have BigPanda in place.”

Jon Moss
Head of Software Engineering, Zayo

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Future proofing

“BigPanda has helped us significantly with deduplicating, correlating, and automating our processes. We have a better understanding of what is impacted throughout the organization and how to fix it quickly, which has given time and resources back to the NOC.”

Mark Peterson
Supvr. IT Operations, Cambia Health Solutions

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Protect your tool investments

“We re-architected with a specific focus in mind, carefully considering solutions that could seamlessly integrate, communicate effectively, and ideally offer cloud redundancy for SaaS solutions. During this process, we discovered BigPanda and its incorporation into the new architecture proved instrumental in resolving numerous issues.”

Udo Strick
Principal Architect, Enterprise Systems Management at Waste Management


What are the out-of-the-box (OOTB) integrations that BigPanda offers?

Open Integration Hub from BigPanda offers ready-made integrations for monitoring tools and systems, such as Datadog, Splunk, New Relic, Solarwinds, Prometheus, Azure Monitor, and others. You can also choose to customize your integration with REST APIs. For a full list of available integrations, please visit our BigPanda Docs.

How does BigPanda create a consistent taxonomy across distributed tools?

Using the integrations with your monitoring, change, and topology tools, BigPanda ingests the raw event data, aggregates and normalizes this data using tags, and then prepares the normalized data for enrichment and correlation to make it actionable for incident analysis and resolution.

Does BigPanda integrate with automation platforms?

In addition to ITSM and on-call integrations, BigPanda also supports automation platforms like Red Hat® Ansible® to unlock bi-directional automation for incident response. BigPanda alerts and incidents trigger Ansible® playbooks to automatically remediate issues and minimize downtime. For more details, please visit our Integrations page.