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BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub

Bringing together monitoring, change, topology and collaboration tools has never been easier

In today’s era of complex, noisy and fast-moving IT, the first necessary step of incident response is the aggregation of millions of data records from dozens of monitoring, change and topology tools in real-time. Monitoring data then needs to be translated into one consistent taxonomy, and enriched with operational and topology data, to be able to provide the needed context for correlation and root cause detection.

Collect and normalize IT event data for full stack visibility

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BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub automatically ingests raw event data from all monitoring, change and topology tools. It normalizes this data and sends it to the Event Enrichment Engine for enrichment. The enriched alerts are then sent to BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning for correlation and root cause detection.

With more than 50 out-of-the-box integrations, powerful REST APIs and an SNMP agent, BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub allows teams to easily integrate with almost any IT tool, commercial or homegrown, legacy on-premise or cloud.

BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub normalizes the millions of diverse alerts it collects from these different tools into one consistent taxonomy in real-time, and then provides the data collected from operational and topology tools to the Event Enrichment Engine which enrichs these alerts with deep contextual information. This provides BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning with deep insight for correlation and root cause analysis and allows teams to quickly analyze and resolve incidents to maintain service continuity 24/7.

Easily automate ticket creation and notifications, for incident management automation and team collaboration

BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub also allows full bi-directional integration with most IT collaboration tools, making it easy to automate ticket creation, notifications and war room creation.

All collaboration integrations are bi-directional, so updates in BigPanda are automatically synced and updated on the integrated tools (and vice-versa), streamlining work processes and ensuring team members have the most current information about the incident on all tools.Out-of-the-box integrations with ticketing tools such as ServiceNow, JIRA and BMC Remedy, allow automatic ticket creation when defined incidents are detected in BigPanda.

Integrations with chat tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams allow the automatic creation of war rooms, where relevant incidents are shared and to which responsible team members are invited.

Integration with notification tools such as PagerDuty and OpsGenie allows the automation of notifications to teams working on the incident.

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Main features of BigPanda’s AIOps Open Integration Hub

OIM Monitoring

Monitoring, change and topology data in one place, for full-stack visibility

BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub offers a broad set of out-of-the-box connectors and powerful REST APIs so teams can bring all their monitoring, change and topology data into one place in real-time, for unified intelligence that is more valuable than the sum of its parts. BigPanda has integrated with over 300 unique IT Operations tools and its simple network management protocol agent collects alerts (SNMP traps) from tens of thousands of IT systems and devices.

OIM Accelerate

Accelerate data flow with simple self-service integration configuration

The Open Integration Hub features the Open Integration Manager and Email Parser which are easy-to-use, self-service configuration tools that allow users to normalize alert data sent to the BigPanda Alerts API without the need for custom code. These intuitive configuration layers streamline the integration process, accelerate data flow, and enable faster time to value.

OIM Aggregate

Built-in aggregation and normalization for consistent taxonomy

BigPanda Open Integration Hub’s built-in aggregation and normalization capabilities make it easy to aggregate and normalize millions of alerts from any monitoring, change and topology tools in any IT environment, to a consistent taxonomy, represented using general-purpose key-value pairs called tags. The Open Integration Hub performs this in real-time using multiple out-of-the-box and custom normalization methods.

OIM Chat

Integrations with enterprise ticketing, notifications and chat tools for incident management automation and cross-team collaboration

The Open Integration Hub provides powerful bi-directional integration for enterprise ticketing, service desk and collaboration tools such as chat and incident response, so operators can easily share BigPanda incidents with other users in their ticketing and collaboration tools of choice. With BigPanda, teams can easily automate ticket creation as well as notifications and war room creation in chat tools.

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Unrivaled time to value

A broad and growing set of ready-to-use connectors/integrations and easy-to-use self-service APIs help teams rapidly bring all their monitoring, change and topology tools together.

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Future proofing

Our self-service APIs support for common protocols ensure that teams can easily integrate with any new tool, systems or platform in the future.

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Enterprise-grade reliability and performance

BigPanda reliably ingests and correlates millions of alerts, changes and topology records in real-time, every day – with a pipeline that is based on a modern architecture optimized for reliable high-volume low-latency data processing.

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End-to-end visibility across legacy and modern tools

By bringing together data from all data sources and in any format, BigPanda can provide unified insights across the IT environment.

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Integration with remediation and data warehousing tools

BigPanda integrates with most widely-used remediation tools, and can be configured to export enriched, correlated IT Ops data to all widely-used data warehouse systems.

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Protect existing tool investments

BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub lets teams retain and reuse the contextual data and tribal knowledge locked up in their specialized tools and systems.

Accelerate data flow with simple self-service integration configuration

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