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BigPanda helps businesses prevent and resolve IT outages with Event Correlation and Automation, powered by AIOps.

BigPanda wins 2021 Stevie® award for exceptional sales and customer service

Turn IT noise into insights and manual tasks into automated actions

Event Correlation

Prevent outages faster by correlating data from observability, monitoring, change and topology tools into a small number of actionable insights.

Turn noise into insights

Root Cause Analysis

Accelerate incident resolution by automatically identifying changes to infrastructure and applications that are the probable root cause of issues.

Understand root cause

Level-0 Automation

Automate manual aspects of incident response – such as ticketing, notification, war room creation and other workflows – for faster incident resolution.

Accelerate Incident Response

Correlate events and detect incidents in real time
Pinpoint probable root cause within seconds, not hours or days
Automate your incident response workflows
Expedia Webinar

Meet the team at Expedia and find out how they modernized Operations on one of the world's fastest-moving IT stacks, and why they chose the BigPanda AIOps platform to help them with their mission.

Support IT transformation initiatives

To remain agile and competitive, organizations must use technology to transform different aspects of their business. IT teams undertake these five transformation initiatives which trigger complexity and risk for IT Operations:

Automation and AIOps

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Remote IT operations

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Application modernization

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Hybrid cloud

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DevOps and SRE

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Automation and AI Ops

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Remote IT operations

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Application modernization

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Hybrid cloud

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DevOps and SRE

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Solve your toughest IT Ops challenges

Reduce IT operational costs

Manage growing data volumes and IT incidents without having to grow headcount. Boost L1 resolution rates and reduce unnecessary escalations, so that scarce and costly experts can have time back to work on critical transformation initiatives.

Reduce OPEX

Increase performance and availability

Detect incidents early, before they escalate into outages that affect your critical services and impact your customers’ experience. Quickly uncover the root cause of incidents and get the right teams involved for rapid resolution.

Avoid outages

Increase business velocity

Reduce the time your team spends firefighting, so they can focus more on strategic transformation initiatives. Support growing workloads from new digital services, so you can innovate faster and without increasing operational risk.

Support digital transformation

This is the face of

Find out how BigPanda helped Bungie, a leading game studio, eliminate their reliance on manual monitoring and reduce IT noise by 99% compression rate – turning 3000 noisy alerts into 35 actionable tickets.

So, what are you waiting for?

Learn more about event correlation for streamlined IT Ops incident management by reading use cases in several verticals. Discover how proactive AI event correlation for incident management can improve your business.

COVID-19 and Business Continuity

Thank you for entrusting BigPanda with your mission-critical business needs. We take this responsibility very seriously. As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, we’re taking measures to ensure business continuity and to assure the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and our communities.

These measures include:

  • Providing continuous 24x7 support coverage for our customers, leveraging BigPanda teams in multiple locations across the globe

  • Stopping international travel and limiting domestic (US) travel to critical meetings only

  • Requiring BigPanda employees to work from home

  • Postponing our in-person events while turning others into virtual events

  • Ensuring our team is available remotely to support your business during this time...whether by phone, Zoom, Slack, email and other communication channels

These measures, along with our investments to increase resiliency, performance and availability of the BigPanda platform give us confidence that we will continue to deliver 24x7 access to BigPanda’s platform, our services and support, with no impact from COVID-19.

We continue to monitor the situation closely and make additional adjustments to our policies, and keep you posted every step of the way. Jason Walker, one of our Field CTO's also published a piece that might be of interest. As the former head of the IT Ops Center at Blizzard Entertainment, Jason's has perspectives that could help leaders manage through the crisis.

If you have any questions or concerns or have ideas on how we can help, please let your BigPanda team know. We are here to support you in these challenging times.