BigPanda unleashes the power of AIOps with Unified Analytics.

We help IT Ops teams reduce incidents and outages with better operational awareness.

Unified Analytics

BigPanda enables Tech Ops teams to keep the digital economy running.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs

of IT Operations by
50% or more

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Improve availability

Improve availability

by reducing Mean Time
to Respond (MTTR) by 40%

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Increase Velocity

Increase velocity

of DevOps and
business innovation

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BigPanda founders, Elik and Assaf, explain why you can bank on AIOps

Learn how investments from UBS and Wells Fargo will help BigPanda serve new markets, accelerate research and development and cement AIOps leadership.

The BigPanda AIOps Event Correlation and Automation platform

Event Correlation

Event Correlation

Aggregate data from all observability, monitoring, change and topology tools. BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning will correlate the data into a small number of actionable insights so incidents are detected in real-time, as they form, before they escalate into outages.

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Root Cause Analysis

Accelerate incident and outage resolution by automatically identifying the probable root cause of problems. BigPanda identifies both root cause changes and infrastructure-related root causes.

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Root Cause Analysis
Level-0 Automation

Level-0 Automation

Resolve incidents and outages faster. BigPanda automates and streamlines the incident response lifecycle across incident triage, ticketing, notifications, and war room creation. Accelerate remediation by integrating BigPanda with enterprise runbook automation tools.

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Self Guided Tour

Test drive the BigPanda AIOps platform for yourself.

BigPanda allows you to quickly and easily resolve incidents in real time and drive IT Ops performance using reports and analytics.

Keeping digital services up and running for all.

Technology Leaders


help their teams keep apps and services up, and costs down

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IT Ops, NOC and SRE teams

IT Ops, NOC and
SRE teams

prevent and resolve outages quickly, without being overwhelmed by the noise.

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4,500 flights a day, millions of digital connections. United uses BigPanda for AIOps-enabled incident management.

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United Airlines

Strategic initiatives create IT Ops challenges.

These initiatives create complexity for IT Ops teams. Find out how the BigPanda’s AIOps Event Correlation and Automation platform can help.

Embrace DevOps and SRE

Modernize applications

Adopt AI and automation

Support hybrid clouds

Strategic Initiatives