Incident intelligence and automation

BigPanda transforms the IT data tsunami into actionable intelligence and automation, enabling incident response teams to increase uptime, efficiency and velocity.

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Why ITOps, NOC and SRE teams choose BigPanda

Cut costs by


Improve MTTR by


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BigPanda use cases

Data Engineering

  • Unify your observability data.
  • Eliminate low-quality noise.
  • Enrich with business context.
  • Unlock the full value of your tools.
Data Engineering
Incident Intelligence
Incident Intelligence

Incident Intelligence

  • Detect incidents in real time.
  • Triage quickly using business context.
  • Investigate probable root cause.
  • Eliminate tedious bridge calls

Workflow Automation

  • Automate known response steps.
  • Remediate incidents autonomously.
  • Route incidents automatically.
  • Reduce escalations and interruptions.
Workflow automation
Unified Analytics

Unified Analytics

  • Discover performance KPIs and trends.
  • Identify recurring problems and causes.
  • Measure and improve team productivity.
  • Uncover and fix workflow bottlenecks.

What ITOps teams are saying about BigPanda

George Bem

BigPanda empowers TIVIT to take a proactive approach to incidents. As a result, we’ve improved our collaboration and communication to be a much more effective IT organization.”

George Bem
CTO and Director of Innovation

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BigPanda for C-suite

Ben Temp

I remember when I brought BigPanda into my NOC and explained that we were going to start automating things… It gave us the ability to do new, more exciting work from lower level engineering things and helping out with incident management to problem management.”

Ben Narramore
Director of Operations/Service Management


BigPanda ITOps pros

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4,500 flights a day, millions of digital connections. United uses BigPanda for AIOps-enabled incident management.

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