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BigPanda Operator

Elevate your proficiency in BigPanda console administration through this comprehensive certification…

BigPanda Product Owner

This comprehensive course provides deep insights into configuring and managing the BigPanda platform for…

Alert Intelligence fundamentals

Master the art of high-quality alert management with the BigPanda Alert Intelligence course. Learn to…

Getting started with Incident Intelligence

Discover the art of efficient incident response with the BigPanda Incident Intelligence course. Correlate alerts…

Mastering Unified Analytics

Unleash the potential of Unified Analytics to enhance your organization’s performance…

AIOps foundations

Embarking on our journey, we’ll unravel the true essence of AIOps. Navigate through the intricacies comprising…

Working from BigPanda

You will experience how BigPanda’s AIOps Event Correlation and Automation platform helps you…

Setting up BigPanda

Acknowledging the intricacies of modern IT environments, our course is meticulously crafted to steer you…

BigPanda for Jira integration

Delve into our pre-recorded webinar, where we unveil the dynamic fusion of BigPanda and Jira integration. Learn…

Incident tags and automatic incident triage

Step into the world of Automated Incident Triage in this on-demand webinar. Discover the tangible…

BigPanda AppDynamics integration 2.0

Uncover the profound impact of this integration on operational intelligence in this recorded webinar. Witness the…

BigPanda Self Service: Open integration manager and email parser

Explore the efficiency of BigPanda’s self service configuration tools: Open Integration Manager and Email…


Live training

BPU 201: BigPanda Operator Certification

Enhance your expertise in discovering, triaging, investigating, and resolving IT incidents using the BigPanda platform with the help of a live instructor.

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Interactive API builder example

Interactive API builder

Integrate with external tools and manage incidents and BigPanda elements in bulk with interactive API reference.


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