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Reduce your operating costs

with BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform

Rising IT complexity. Too many monitoring tools.
Hundreds of critical apps and services… all relying on you to keep them healthy, and your customers happy.

But your team is held back by legacy IT Ops tools, and your enterprise is paying the price.
What’s the answer? BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform.

Reduce Escalations

Your Level-1 (L1) first response teams can’t effectively handle the growing tide of incidents. So they escalate almost everything to your Level-2 (L2) teams and beyond, making your costs skyrocket.

BigPanda helps your L1 teams handle and resolve up to 95% of your incidents. This helps your higher-value L2s and others focus on your critical incidents, cutting your costs by up to 50%.

Reduce Downtime

Your teams can’t handle the growing tide of incidents in a timely manner, resulting in prolonged outages and downtime. Your organization has to endure SLA penalties, damage to brand equity and frequently, lost revenue.

With BigPanda, your teams can handle incidents faster, and also identify recurring problems to prevent future incidents. This results in fewer outages, shorter outages and reduced downtime.

Reduce Bridge Calls

Your IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams waste thousands of hours on frequent, long bridge calls, hunting for root cause. This degrades your teams’ productivity, stalls strategic projects and increases your costs.

BigPanda uses Open Box Machine Learning to autonomously surface the probable root cause of correlated incidents. This reduces the number and the duration of your bridge calls, freeing up your teams’ time.

Keep Headcount Flat

Rising IT complexity. New tools. New org structures. Mergers and acquisitions…all of this means that expanding headcount 20-30% or more every year is how you’ve had to deal with the exploding alert volume problem. Until today.

By helping your existing IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams detect, investigate, and resolve many more incidents than ever before, BigPanda keeps your headcount flat.

Real Customers, Real Cost Reductions


FTE Growth

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