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BigPanda helps reduce costs of IT operations

BigPanda enables IT organizations to take cost out of their operations. By boosting efficiency, reducing escalations, slashing downtime, eliminating or shortening bridge calls, flattening headcount, reducing SLA penalties, and consolidating tools, BigPanda customers can reduce operating costs by up to 50%.

Reduce operating
costs by up to

What’s driving the cost of IT operations up?

Rising IT complexity. Too many monitoring tools. Runaway headcount growth. Hundreds of critical apps and services. All of them rely on your IT Ops and NOC teams to keep them healthy, and your customers happy. But your team is held back by legacy IT Ops tools, and your enterprise is paying the price.

Here is a side-by-side look at the challenges and how BigPanda helps:


Manual workflows

Manual incident management is slow, expensive, and difficult to scale to meet the demands of modern IT environments. Consequently, IT executives are forced to grow headcount.

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With BigPanda: automate workflows

BigPanda automates incident management steps so that IT Operations teams don’t waste time on time-consuming manual tasks, including adding business context in real-time, automating ticket creation and routing, automatically sharing ticket updates with chat and notification tools, and running automated custom workflows.


Disruptive escalations

Your Level-1 (L1) first response teams can’t effectively handle the growing tide of incidents. So they escalate almost everything to your expensive Level-2 (L2) and Level-3 (L3) teams and DevOps teams, making your costs skyrocket.

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With BigPanda: reduce escalations

BigPanda leverages ML to bubble up operational and business context, and makes it easily available to L1 operators. This includes information such as root cause, severity, relevant runbooks, potential customer impact and more. This dramatically boosts L1 resolution rates and reduces the number of times L3s, DevOps and other teams get pulled into incident handling.


Many IT Operation teams can’t handle the growing tide of incidents in a timely manner, resulting in prolonged outages and downtime. Organizations have to endure SLA penalties, damage to brand equity and frequently, lost revenue.

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With BigPanda: reduce downtime

By using ML to correlate alerts, changes and topology data, BigPanda detects incidents as they start to form and before they escalate into outages. This reduces the frequency and impact of outages that affect critical revenue-generating applications and services. When outages do occur, BigPanda surfaces the root cause and routes them to the right teams, for rapid resolution.

Bridge Calls

Lengthy MTTR

Modern IT environments experience thousands of changes every week – in infrastructure, code, systems, and applications. Legacy root cause analysis – which focus on low-level hardware and network issues – can’t easily identify these types of changes. Consequently, IT Ops and NOC teams, along with high-cost L3s, DevOps and SRE tms, spend tens of hours on bridge calls trying to isolate the root cause of ongoing incidents/outages. This is expensive, and elongates MTTR.

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With BigPanda: reduce MTTR

BigPanda uses ML to surface the probable root cause of incidents, including changes that cause them as well as low-level hardware and network issues. BigPanda puts probable root cause at the IT Ops teams’ fingertips. This eliminates the need for long, expensive bridge calls because teams can now rapidly resolve incidents and outages.

Growing headcount

IT scale and complexity is increasing at a pace that is challenging for IT Ops teams to handle. To keep up, IT execs must constantly increase the headcount of their IT Ops teams, which is expensive and inefficient.

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With BigPanda: keep headcount flat

BigPanda’s Event Correlation and Automation platform reduces the alert volume by more than 95% and automates repetitive operator tasks. This enables IT Ops teams to cope with the growing volume of data and handle a much larger volume of incidents without having to grow headcount.

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Tool sprawl

You have 15-20+ monitoring tools (commercial, homegrowth, legacy) that are expensive to maintain, support and/or renew. Without the ability to understand their true value and how they support incident management, you can’t retire them. So you continue to pay for them year after year.

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With BigPanda: consolidate tools

BigPanda provides data-driven reports so you can identify the tools that are used for incident management and the ones that aren’t. You can then retire your redundant tools.

So, what are you waiting for?