Transform your complex IT data into strategic insights

Gain a centralized view into your IT operations and identify areas of improvement with relevant KPIs, track performance and identify patterns or recurring issues to drive continuous optimization.

Data Engineering

Unify disparate IT data to monitor and improve operational KPIs

BigPanda Unified Analytics aggregates operational data from multiple siloed observability tools into the KPIs and metrics that matter most to your organization.

Continuously optimize IT operations

Identify recurring alerts, incidents and manual tasks to pinpoint opportunities to standardize incident management workflows across teams and tools.

Improve the actionability
of alerts

Elevate the actionability of alerts by sorting notifications by their quality to fine-tune alert configurations, filter unnecessary noise, and enhance monitoring and observability strategies.

Deliver operational visibility

Demonstrate the business value and ROI of your IT operations with out-of-the-box dashboards that monitor, assess, and articulate your organization’s productivity.

Data clarity for operational enhancement

Gain critical visibility

“Unified Analytics offers crucial visibility to identify compliant and non-compliant teams based on our BigPanda alert quality standards. With these insights, we create onboarding plans to integrate them into BigPanda, transforming low-quality noise into actionable alerts for precise incident response.”

Prisciliano Flores
Staff Software Systems Engineer at Sony Interactive Entertainment

Unify data silos

“BigPanda’s Unified Analytics helps unify monitoring and observability data into a single pane of glass. We can build custom dashboards and create custom KPIs that help us avoid surprises and illuminate ways we can optimize incident management workflows.”

Lukas Johnson
Lead IT Infrastructure Engineer at Lumen Technologies

Identify gaps and improve workflows

“Without this tool our teams would waste valuable time logging into many different programs. BigPanda helped us streamline our process so that in turn we could solve issues and troubleshoot in a much more timely manner.”

Ty Patterson
IT Systems Automation Engineer at Ballast Services


What is Unified Analytics?

BigPanda Unified Analytics grants ITOps teams the AIOps insights and AIOps analytics they need to drive improvements across their monitoring tools, ops teams, incident management workflows, and measure the effectiveness of their BigPanda configuration.

What dashboards are ready to go out of the box (OOTB)?

Unified Analytics comes with eight OOTB dashboards to help you gather more insights into your IT operations and to see how you are efficiently scaling. These IT performance dashboards report on key performance metrics such as MTTx, tool efficiency, platform usage, and more. For a full list of the standard dashboards available, please visit our BigPanda Docs.

Can I create my own dashboards using Unified Analytics?

Yes, you can create custom IT performance dashboards in Unified Analytics. Users who have dashboard designer access can create custom dashboards to match the unique tags and configuration settings of their organization.

How does Unified Analytics address the issue of tool fragmentation in ITOps?

Fragmentation poses a challenge for ITOps managers who need a unified view of their operations and better tool consolidation. BigPanda Unified Analytics resolves this by consolidating data from diverse workflows into a single, industry-specific dashboard, simplifying the process of identifying gaps, rationalizing tools, and optimizing workflows.

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