Unified Analytics

Business Intelligence Creates Meaningful Insights and Trends

Unified Analytics from BigPanda is the only purpose-built analytics and reporting solution for ITOps, providing deep visibility into KPIs, metrics, and trends they can use to drive continuous optimization.

Unified Analytics


Lack of analytics limits insight into ITOps data.

With data fragmented across teams and tools, it’s difficult to create and monitor KPIs that help standardize and accelerate incident workflows.


Drive continuous improvement in ITOps.

Customers can explore interrelated ITOps KPIs to get insights into increasing productivity and standardizing incident response workflows, thus boosting uptime for critical applications and services.

  • Clear operational visibilityBigPanda provides out-of-the-box reports on team performance and productivity, making it easy to track, measure, and improve team productivity.
  • Tools consolidationBigPanda helps ITOps teams sort tools by the quality of the alerts they deliver, optimize tools that deliver low-quality alerts, and retire tools that deliver noise.
  • Continuous ops optimizationBigPanda shows you recurring incidents and outages and identifies the infrastructure elements causing them.


The power of
Unified Analytics

Unified data model

We have a purpose-built data model that delivers end-to-end visibility from every stage of incident management, making it easy to analyze and report on.

Operational dashboards

We provide operational dashboards that display ready-to-use ITOps KPIs aligned with industry best practices.

Value dashboards

We provide a library of value use-case dashboards that translate ITOps metrics and KPIs into business impact.

Self-service analytics

We make it easy to edit reports, dashboards, and widgets as your business evolves.


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Prevent IT outages using Unified Analytics

Download our white paper for insight into the current flawed state of ITOps analytics and reporting—and guidance toward picking the right ITOps reporting tools for your enterprise.

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