Real-time Topology Mesh

Real-time Topology Mesh from BigPanda provides your teams with a real-time, always up-to-date topology model of the full IT stack.

Gain full-stack, real-time visibility of your topology in one visualization

Combine data from configuration, cloud, and virtualization management, service discovery, APM, and CMDB tools into a full-stack, real-time topology model.

Multi-source topology aggregation

Ingest data from all topology sources in your IT environment using out-of-the-box integrations and a powerful topology REST API.

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Identify topological connections

Visualize patterns across even the most complex topology environments to rapidly understand incident impact, prioritization, and root cause.

Real-time topology model

BigPanda provides an always up-to-date, full-stack topology model that augments out-of-date CMDBs.

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Topology-driven correlation

BigPanda correlates monitoring alerts against the Real-time Topology Mesh to achieve accurate, actionable alert correlation that would otherwise go undetected.

Topology-driven root cause analysis

Achieve faster, more accurate probable root cause detection by leveraging contextual data and change data across your topology to reveal potential incident causes upstream or downstream.

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Improved impact analysis and prioritization

Real-time Topology Mesh allows accurate assessment of which business services and applications are impacted to determine incident prioritization for faster investigation and resolution.

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Real-time root cause analysis

“BigPanda helps us detect incidents and uncover probable root cause in real-time, which significantly reduces our MTTR.”

Improved performance and availability for applications and services

“With BigPanda, we have reached an availability number of 99.8%, which is the best we have on record. We are taking advantage of machine learning automation and artificial intelligence, keeping our costs down while improving our current levels of availability.”

Full-stack topology mapping

“BigPanda gives us a powerful, easy-to-use and understand unified view of our IT environment from one console.”

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How does the Real-time Topology Mesh enable full-stack observability?

BigPanda gives you complete, real-time visibility of alerts across their IT environment as well as contextual information to prioritize and action on incidents. It does this by ingesting and unifying topology data from multiple sources in your IT infrastructure to include configuration management, APM, service discovery, change, CMDB, as well as observability and monitoring tools.

How does the Real-time Topology Mesh provide an overview of an incident?

In your incident panel, you can see a real-time, customizable visual display of all alert tags or nodes and the relationship between them. You can also see the number of times each alert tag appears in an incident, giving you visual indications of potential root cause. The topology presents a visual mapping of an incident across your complete IT infrastructure, in a way that does not exist elsewhere.

How can the Real-time Topology Mesh improve my incident analysis process and resolve incidents faster?

By enriching and correlating alerts against the topology mesh, BigPanda identifies meaningful connections and patterns that drive actionable alerts for each incident. Through alert tags visualized in the topology mesh, you can use context to identify trends and uncover probable root cause, allowing you to analyze, investigate, and resolve incidents more quickly.