BigPanda’s Real-time Topology Mesh

​​Visual, real-time mapping of the topology model across the entire IT stack

To detect IT incidents quickly, understand their impact, and identify their probable root cause, IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams must rely on up to date topologies that capture the dependencies and relationships between the different parts of their IT stack. As enterprises migrate to the cloud, these stacks are accelerating, and their applications are subject to ever-shifting topologies.

Legacy IT Ops tools can no longer provide the answer, relying on CMDBs that were not designed for fast-moving IT stacks and are constantly out-of-date, or on single silo-ed tools that do not represent the entire picture.

Gain full-stack, real-time visibility of your topology in one powerful intuitive visualization

Real Time Topology Mesh

BigPanda’s Real-time Topology Mesh provides teams with a real-time, always up-to-date topology model of the full IT stack.

Leveraging Open Integration Hub out-of-the-box integrations, BigPanda’s Real-time Topology Mesh ingests topology data from configuration management, cloud and virtualization management, service discovery, APM and CMDB tools. Its mapping enrichment API then stitches this data together into a full-stack real-time topology model, which is constantly updated to provide real-time, up-to-date visibility for users and the Event Enrichment Engine.

The complete topology is shown in context of the incident operators are working on, displayed in a powerful, colorful visualization, so teams can quickly see the impact of a given incident and identify root cause.

BigPanda’s Real-time Topology Mesh also provides BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning with the necessary dependencies between networks, servers, clouds and applications to allow it to drive high-quality event correlation, and to surface the probable root cause of correlated IT incidents with a high degree of accuracy.

Real Time Topology Mesh
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Main features and advantages of BigPanda’s Real-time Mesh Topology

Event Aggregation

Multi-source topology aggregation

Ingest data from all topology sources in an environment using an ever-growing number of out-of-the-box integrations and a powerful topology REST API.

Real-time topology model

BigPanda provides an always up-to-date, full-stack topology model that augments out-of-date CMDBs.

Topology-driven correlation

BigPanda correlates monitoring alerts against the real-time topology mesh to achieve accurate, high-quality correlation.

Multi-source topology aggregation

Ingest data from all topology sources in an environment using an ever-growing number of out-of-the-box integrations and a powerful topology REST API.

Topology-driven root cause analysis

Achieve faster and more accurate probable root cause detection by leveraging the contextual data and the full-stack topology model of the IT stack. BigPanda utilizes Real-time Topology Mesh to automatically bubble up potential upstream or downstream causes of incidents.

Better impact analysis and prioritization

BigPanda’s Real-time Topology Mesh allows teams to accurately assess which business services and applications are impacted by low-level infrastructure issues. This helps determine which incidents must be prioritized and who to route them to for faster investigation and resolution.

Full-stack topology visualization

BigPanda’s Real-time Topology Mesh is displayed in context to the incident operators are working on, helping them visualize the impact of incidents and their root cause, even in the most complex of hybrid cloud environments.


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