Slash triage time in half with Generative AI

BigPanda combines the latest Generative AI innovations with high-quality, enriched IT alert data to automatically and reliably reveal key incident analysis, incident impact, and probable root cause in natural language.

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How Generative AI works

BigPanda Generative AI for Automated Incident Analysis delivers instant, trustworthy insights, including real-time root cause analysis, so you can prevent escalations, reduce toil and shrink MTTR.

Automatically reveal root causes

BigPanda understands how distributed IT systems are interrelated, which gives Generative AI the context to reliably identify and automate root cause analysis to explain the probable reasons behind an active incident.

Know what’s happening in real-time

Deliver rapid, accurate, high-value analysis in natural language. BigPanda exposes important details, and automatically generates and populates titles and descriptions of the incident with ITSM and chat tools.

Confidently identify impact across IT systems

Instantly identify and understand in natural, easy-to-understand language the relevancy and impact of incidents across distributed IT systems. BigPanda Generative AI users report saving up to 10 minutes per incident and a reduced number of incident escalations as a result of AI-generated impact estimates.

Understand why

BigPanda Generative AI provides details into the reasoning behind AI-generated insights. Clear explanations and reasoning make it fast and easy to validate AI findings and investigate further.


Generative AI has arrived for ITOps

“BigPanda Generative AI empowers our Ops teams by providing faster incident detection and independent resolution. The rapid, automated extraction of meaningful insights from our complex IT alert environment not only makes us better at L1 response, but also reduces escalations to our L2 and L3 experts.”

Jeremy Talley
Lead Operations Engineer at Robert Half International

“Generative AI can be an extraordinarily powerful way to save ITOps time and effort. But Generative AI works best when it is given good data such as alert information enriched with other data types to help AI develop accurate conclusions.”

Jon Brown
Senior Analyst IT Operations, IT Service Management, FinOps, Sustainability in IT at Enterprise Strategy Group


What is Generative AI?

BigPanda Generative AI is powered by technology from OpenAI (the makers of ChatGPT) and the clean, enriched, correlated data available through the BigPanda data platform. Having tested multiple LLMs (Large Language Models), our team of experts has determined that combining OpenAI with rich data provides the most accurate, most valuable, and most reliable results for predictive aiops.

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How does Generative AI keep my data secure?

BigPanda Generative AI and our AI third-party vendor both comply with highly secure data privacy, protection, usage, and retention practices, and customers must opt-in to be eligible to use this feature. To learn more about BigPanda’s security and compliance practices, visit our security documentation page.

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Why Generative AI for AIOps?

Existing companies using BigPanda Generative AI report it augments their existing L1 teams, helping them ensure system availability. When combined with your business’s unique topology and other data, it can supply meaningful value in a fraction of the time of humans alone.

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