Why BigPanda?

BigPanda accelerates digital transformation

Businesses must expand their digital presence and provide uninterrupted services. BigPanda helps IT Operations teams by preventing outages and reducing incident management noise, allowing teams to focus on digital transformation initiatives and leading to increased innovation, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

Why can’t IT Ops focus on strategic digital initiatives?

IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams are constantly being interrupted by their increasingly complex IT environments. These roadblocks prevent IT Operations teams from delivering innovation and diminish their ability to optimize IT infrastructure for the future while they try to launch strategic digital initiatives that can grow the business.

Accelerate transformation

The challenges


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BigPanda’s solutions


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IT bottlenecks

IT stacks are growing more complex by the day as enterprises invest in new technology to support digital initiatives—creating more incidents and outages. Because many aspects of incident management are still very manual, IT Ops can’t scale. IT Ops is viewed as a bottleneck to digital transformation and business velocity.

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Remove IT bottlenecks

BigPanda automates different aspects of the incident management lifecycle so IT Operations teams don’t need to waste time on manual tasks. This helps these teams scale and handle the additional load placed on them by new digital services and offerings. Enterprises can continue to launch new applications and services to support digital initiatives at a pace that works for the business.

Support digital initiatives.

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Digital transformation at risk

Enterprises are innovating by moving to the cloud, implementing SRE/DevOps models and modernizing application stacks. But their existing event and incident management toolsets were not designed for these new architectures. Performance is degraded, employees are burned out and business and digital transformation come to a screeching halt.

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Support digital transformation

BigPanda is purpose-built to support modern environments that include hybrid stacks, dynamic and ephemeral infrastructure, Kubernetes and containers and microservices-based apps—allowing teams to modernize, innovate and transform without the negative effects.

Transform with no negative effects.

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IT Team disruption

The core focus of L3 and DevOps teams should be to develop innovative applications and services that will make their company more competitive. Unfortunately, because L1 teams are overwhelmed, L3 and DevOps teams continuously get pulled in and become stuck in reactive, firefighting mode to deal with incidents and outages. This disrupts the ability of these teams to work on mission-critical projects and puts innovation at risk.

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IT teams focus on innovation

By detecting incidents as they happen—before they escalate into crippling outages—and by equipping L1s inside IT Ops and NOC teams with more context and probable root cause information, L1s can handle more incidents. This reduces the frequency with which L3s and DevOps teams are pulled into reactive firefighting. BigPanda AIOps can simplify IT Operations and significantly contribute to digital transformation objectives.

Reduce the burden on IT Ops.

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Lagging on the competition

To remain competitive in today’s environment, enterprises must either innovate and continuously add new features to their existing applications and services or release net new capabilities. But frequent, painful incidents and outages are a barrier to this cadence because they distract DevOps and L3 teams from their focus on development and innovation.

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Outmaneuver competitors

BigPanda reduces the frequency, duration and impact of outages. This helps IT Operations teams scale and handle the demands placed on them by new digital initiatives. Enterprises can frequently release net new capabilities with confidence and speed while rolling out new apps and services, ensuring they remain competitive in the market.

Gain speed and agility.

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