Design a Panda

You are invited to design a Panda…and we are making it easy to do!

People make the connection between a company and its identity. Perhaps that connection happens at a sub-conscious level, but the feeling you get when a company has an authentic, memorable identity is very real. That’s a brand.

Straightforward, approachable and fun – those are a few of the BigPanda traits our name and identity represent. We are also flexible, and that is reflected in how we much fun we have with our Panda.

One look at the Panda Gallery and you will see some of the amazing personas we have created. ..and there is always room for more.

In fact, we are making it easy and fun for anyone to design a Panda.

Panda Gallery

You can design a Panda

Before you get started, here are five reasons to join in the fun:


We provide the basic artwork – think of this as adding costumes to our logo


Winning designs will be added to the Panda Gallery – and the artist who submitted it will be featured!


Winning artists will get $50 to spend at Pandamart, the BigPanda company store


They will also get their design turned into collectible stickers, available in the store


The winning designs will get featured on social media for all to enjoy!

Step 1: Download logo files.

Download our logo and everything you need to start designing. In the zip file with our logo, we include our color palette—bonus points if you incorporate those!

Step 2: Keep these rules in mind as you design.

Before you start designing, here are some criteria to keep in mind (and yes, we won’t accept any designs that fall outside these rules):

  • We will accept entries in digital or scanned format – you can even do your illustration on a piece of paper and send that in!
  • At least one of our Panda’s ears must be in the right position and visible (through the hat, helmet, etc.)
  • Please don’t apply skin tones on our Panda
  • The Panda jaw shape/outline cannot be modified – it can be covered with hair or other design elements but if the chin is showing, it must maintain the normal angles
  • The Panda glasses shape cannot change – we know, you want to take the glasses off or put on John Lennon glasses but that will not make it our Panda anymore
  • The Panda glasses are not colored in, and we can’t see eyes through the glasses – please keep it that way
  • Please do not give our Panda a body – the logo does not reference arms or legs for a reason…honestly, it never looks right
  • Backgrounds are great but avoid weapons or lots of clutter – our Panda is the star of the show!
  • If you are merging our Panda with another logo or identity, make sure neither one gets lost in the process
  • In the zip file with our logo, we include our color palette – bonus points if you incorporate those!

Build a Panda Rules

Step 3: Submit your design.

Once you have designed a Panda, submit your artwork here.

BigPanda retains all rights to all variations of our logo. Please do not use any of our costumed logos in publications or for professional use without our consent, even if you designed it.

We also retain the right to use any Panda material loaded into design folder.