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Level-0 Automation, powered by AIOps

Accelerate IT incident response

Incident response workflows are manual, time-consuming, and often error-prone. IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams waste precious time dealing with problems caused by manual triage and sharing (through tickets, notifications and delivery systems), inconsistently syncing information between tools as incident data evolves, and other manual workflows for incident management.

Level-0 Automation

Manual IT tasks become automated workflows

BigPanda streamlines incident managements with automatic triage, ticketing, notifications and war room creation, as well as connections to Runbook Automation for workflow automations. BigPanda gives time back, which was once spent on manual tasks, shaving critical minutes off incident lifecycles and driving faster resolution.

How do manual IT processes slow you down?

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How do manual IT processes slow you down?

Without an automated process to create tickets, each must be manually created with all the relevant details copied in for context. By the time a manual ticket is created, it is potentially out of date.

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Complicated workflow automations

Organizations have hundreds of tools, producing alerts, notifications and incidents. This high volume of noise, combined with lack of context, makes it difficult for organizations to trigger workflow automation on their own.

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Slow collaboration across teams

Manual sharing within notification tools and war rooms is time-consuming. Without automation, real-time views of incidents are not visible. It’s probable teams are working on the same problem simultaneously, with no knowledge of other efforts.

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Inefficient incident

IT incidents lack business context that responders need to conduct triage, such as the severity of incidents, impact on customers and routing information. Incident responders waste precious minutes deciding next steps, prolonging MTTR.

How BigPanda’s Level-0 automation helps

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Creates IT tickets and notifications

BigPanda’s out-of-the-box integrations with ticketing, chat and notification tools make it easy to automate actions when critical incidents are detected. Tickets, war rooms and notifications are triggered so teams can begin working on incidents immediately.

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Runs automated IT workflows

By leveraging BigPanda’s REST API, organizations integrate with 3rd-party tools like Rundeck, StackStorm and Resolve to run workflow automations. BigPanda becomes the “source of truth”, dramatically accelerating incident management and reducing MTTR.

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Shares information bidirectionally

Updates inside BigPanda or other tools are automatically synchronized throughout the lifecycle of an incident. This gives every IT operations team member the same real-time view and context to accelerate resolution.

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Automates incident

BigPanda’s Automatic Incident Triage lets enterprises automatically calculate and incorporate business context into incidents, enables the triggering of IT workflows in other tools and helps route incidents to the right teams for faster resolution.

Level-0 Automation

Level-0 automation for modern, complex IT environments

BigPanda’s Level-0 Automation streamlines stressful, manual incident triage, allowing IT Ops to efficiently handle high incident volumes. It automates creating tickets, sends relevant notifications, and sets up war rooms with the right teams. Automatic bi-directional syncing ensures that all teams have access to the latest incident information and updates. BigPanda also connects to Runbook Automation tools to run workflows that can resolve incidents more quickly. These automations shaving critical minutes off incident response.

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