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Monitorama takes place June 15-17, 2015 in the Gerding Theater at The Armory in Portland, Oregon. Dan Turchin, our VP of Product will be there along with our head of Customer Success, Steve Hudson, to take part in #monitoringlove .  The show includes single-track sessions designed to educate and inspire and the annual “hack day.” There will also be a number of important talks showcasing Open Source monitoring

We really enjoy the Portland venue; it’s a beautiful place and also happens to be held in one of the greenest buildings in America. What better place than to meet and speak with folks about how BigPanda can improve ITSM practices that will help them lower the MTTR and make more “green” because of improved uptime and performance!

For the bulk of our customers, their biggest monitoring challenge is handling the swarm in machine-generated alerts. From the continuous deployment of applications, to server performance, to infrastructure load-balancing, there is no end to the amount of and repetition in events generating alerts. Couple that with a hybrid cloud and needing to provide split-second load times for mobile or e-commerce sites, and you have a situation ripe for grey hair production.

Working with the talented people we meet at Monitorama, we’ll be able to help effect change. It was once thought that smart operators and blinking lights were enough to guarantee uptime. That was then. What we learn at events like Monitorama is, today, apps are comprised of complex micro services, managed by automation scripts, and monitored by detecting anomalies in machine data.

In reality, we believe, smart software is the new NOC, smart ops engineers are developers, and smart ops teams know that solving problems generated by machines requires data science. The future of systems and services in the age of machine data is demanding the reinvention of NOCs. At Monitorama, we’ll be discussing how to remain ahead of the flood of data in the years to come.

So, if you’re in Portland, track us down! We’ll be there to talk with everyone and get a sense of the new world order for monitoring and how we can be a factor in making it easier for everyone. #monitoringlove

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Joe is VP of Marketing at BigPanda.