Making waves in IT Ops

Making waves in IT Ops

It feels a bit surreal stepping into the Regional Vice President of Sales position here at BigPanda just a few months after the company achieved Unicorn status. In more than 15 years of managing enterprise software sales, this is the first time I knew I was going to play a critical role in facilitating a company’s ascension to the top of their sector. Even in college, I knew this is what I wanted.

“BigPanda is in the sweet spot I’ve always been looking for.”

Every new opportunity carries a lot of promise, but with BigPanda it was clear there was substance. Since my college days, I always wanted to be part of an organization in the building stage, prior to IPO. I wanted to be part of that growth, excitement and adventure. In order for that to be the case, an organization had to be in the perfect sweet spot of trajectory and velocity. BigPanda is growing exponentially while also cultivating an environment where each voice is heard and we learn from each other. The company has also demonstrated a level of maturity beyond its years. In just a month of working at BigPanda, I’ve felt the impact that BigPanda has had on our customers and just how excited they are to put their trust in our solutions.

Making people’s lives easier by making sense of the complex

As technology became more common and heavily relied upon by businesses to properly compete, they began rapidly implementing new IT solutions—and before they knew it, their tech stacks became a Frankenstein’s monster of connected and siloed products. During my time in the observability space, I became quite familiar with the pain organizations felt when their IT environments grew beyond what they could manage efficiently. Observability is a by-product of complexity, and I consider myself a problem-solver.

Helping IT Operations teams realize the next phase of IT automation through event correlation and automation is core to what BigPanda does. As an advocate for generating sensible and efficient workplaces, I take a lot of pride in the work we do here at BigPanda, creating optimized working environments for businesses, their employees and the customers they serve.

Our team and our clients are our greatest validation

You don’t need to look any further than the level of talent that BigPanda is able to recruit and the prestige that our customers hold. One of the authorities in IT research and consulting sought out BigPanda for their own organization. That speaks volumes about what we’re doing here. I’ve been a part of community builds in previous roles, but I’ve never seen customers this in love with a company. They purchase BigPanda merch. They wear it. They put it on their dogs. Our customers love us.

Be a part of an organization that is career defining and industry adjusting

BigPanda’s solutions are already proven and trusted, and we’re just getting started. One of our near term goals is to build out additional capacity and processes that will allow organizations beyond the largest enterprises to realize the benefits of BigPanda’s platform. With our current trajectory, that’s going to be a true force multiplier.

We’re building out our team rapidly. We’re looking for people who are passionate about having a voice and influence within a Unicorn organization. Our business is going to support the right people to excel and perform at the highest level.

To me, it is evident that BigPanda is not just making ripples, but changing the tides!