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Event Correlation, powered by AIOps

Slash incoming IT noise and prevent crippling outages

Enterprises have accumulated 15 or more observability and monitoring tools to provide IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams visibility into critical applications, services and infrastructure. An unintended result is overwhelming alert noise and lack of situational awareness across fragmented teams. As a result, outages and performance problems continue to persist.

Event Correlation

Purpose built for event correlation

Designed for AI/ML-driven event correlation from the beginning, BigPanda helps modern enterprises reduce IT noise by 95%, enabling incident detection in real-time. This empowers IT Ops to fix issues quickly and focus on what matters.

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The Rise of AIOps

Too many tools, not enough visibility

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Overwhelming IT alerts and event noise

With dozens of observability and monitoring tools generating hundreds of thousands of alerts, critical issues are often hard to spot in the data. Teams only see issues when frustrated customers and users complain.

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IT data siloed
across tools

Critical operational data is distributed across dozens of siloed tools. Without a solution in place that can aggregate and cross-correlate this data, teams must constantly switch between several tools and make sense of it manually.

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Missing business

Events collected from different tools are difficult to correlate because they lack critical operational, topological and business context. This cripples IT’s ability to detect problems in time, determine impact, and align on next steps.

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Inconsistent operational data

Events generated by different tools use distinct formats and terminology for the same IT components. This makes it difficult to consume and correlate data in a consistent manner, and almost impossible to glean valuable insight.

How BigPanda’s Event Correlation helps

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Creates high quality incidents

BigPanda uses Open Box Machine Learning to correlate alerts, changes and topology data into high-quality incidents. These incidents eliminate noise while encapsulating the issue, its priority, probable root cause and current ownership.

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Enriches IT alerts with context

BigPanda’s Event Enrichment Engine finds contextual data buried inside alerts, and supplements CMDB data with other topology sources and asset/inventory systems. Events are updated in real time, vastly increasing correlation quality.

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Simplifies incident

BigPanda makes it easy to understand the impact of incidents. The Incident 360 console provides cross-stack views, filtered by severity, as well as business context such as affected services and potential customer impact for each incident.

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Normalizes IT
event data

BigPanda translates diverse IT data sets into a consistent taxonomy using general purpose key-value pairs called tags. BigPanda performs this translation in real time using a variety of normalization methods.

Event Correlation

Event Correlation for complex IT environments

BigPanda correlates alerts and topology data to detect incidents in real-time, before they escalate into outages.

Using Open Box Machine Learning, BigPanda creates a handful of actionable incidents, dramatically reducing noise. As a result, enterprises can extract more intelligence and value from their existing tool investments.

Using Open Box Machine Learning, BigPanda creates a handful of actionable incidents, dramatically reducing noise. As a result, enterprises extract more intelligence and value from their existing tools.

In an increasingly dynamic IT architecture, rule-based event correlation has given way to AI-based correlation.”

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