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What is PagerDuty – and how does it work with BigPanda?

PagerDuty is an IT operations management platform and cloud computing company launched in 2009. They provide a suite of tools designed to help IT and DevOps teams detect and respond to infrastructure problems, streamline workflows, and improve operational reliability.

The PagerDuty platform bridges different systems and the teams that maintain them, centralizing the detection and reporting of incidents. It allows organizations to minimize downtime and resolve issues efficiently. It does this by facilitating real-time alerts and coordination among team members.

How does PagerDuty work?

PagerDuty works by integrating with a variety of monitoring tools. When an issue is detected, it automatically notifies the appropriate team members. It does so through phone calls, SMS, emails, or push notifications. 

It employs on-call scheduling to ensure team members are alerted only during their designated times. It also has escalation policies that escalate the issue to another team member if the first on-call responder does not acknowledge the alert. Additionally, PagerDuty provides incident management features that allow for orchestrating a coordinated response to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

What are PagerDuty’s products and features?

PagerDuty offers a range of products and features. These include real-time incident management, on-call scheduling, automated escalations, and advanced analytics for reviewing incident response effectiveness. The platform also offers postmortem analysis tools to help teams learn from incidents and improve their response strategies. 

However, PagerDuty is best known for their multi-channel alerting capabilities. They send out alerts across channels, including push notifications, emails, text messages, and phone calls. They can structure and link respondent chains across multiple channels and manage complex on-call teams. Here are the key PagerDuty platform components:

  • Incident management: Ensure major incident best practices with end-to-end response automation and friction-free postmortems. Automates incident workflow and end-to-end orchestration for rapid issue resolution and crisis management. PagerDuty also supports Security Ops by allowing security teams to leverage the platform as their DevOps and ITOps teams. 
  • AIOps: Reduce alert noise and accelerate triage by auto-detecting incidents from noisy alerts. Automate and orchestrate incident resolution. View Status Pages as a single source of truth for system status.
  • Process automation: Automate critical work across the enterprise. Use process automation to run faster business and IT operations. Deploy runbook automation to turn manual tasks into automated routines such as auto-starts running diagnostic jobs. 
  • Customer Service Ops: Bridge support and engineering teams. Distribute on-call responsibilities across teams so the right people are notified. Share information about incident impact and progress toward resolution. Improve stakeholder communications during incidents/disruptions by sharing instant updates and impact reports. 

What is the difference between PagerDuty and BigPanda?

ITOps, NOC, DevOps, and SRE teams must evolve their manual and reactive incident response capabilities. The BigPanda Operational Intelligence and Automation platform gives ITOps, NOC, and enterprise SRE teams the capabilities needed to automate operations through detecting, investing, and remediating incidents. 

PagerDuty Incident Management emphasizes features and capabilities to improve and automate incident management for DevOps and smaller SRE teams

The BigPanda AIOps platform’s key features give customers the ability to use AI and ML to automate their operations. These include: 

Enhance PagerDuty with BigPanda for faster resolution

Integrating BigPanda with PagerDuty creates a powerful synergy. With BigPanda AI-driven event correlation, you can reduce noise by grouping related alerts, while PagerDuty’s robust on-call management ensures the right alerts reach the right responders without delay. 

This partnership enhances incident response by providing enriched, actionable alerts and streamlining the communication process for faster resolution and improved operational performance. See for yourself in a personalized demo how BigPanda can speed up your incident resolution.