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CDI’s evolution with BigPanda: from partner to customer

CDI's evolution with BigPanda: from partner to customer

CDI’s partnership with BigPanda has catapulted them to the forefront of modern IT operations. Through reselling and implementing BigPanda’s technology for customers, CDI saw the remarkable value of the platform and began to integrate it into their own business. In the process, they’ve become a partner and a customer—leveraging the product to transform their own operations in ways that previously seemed unimaginable.

CDI’s Chief Technology Officer, Will Huber, recently discussed CDI’s experience with BigPanda during a podcast interview with BigPanda’s Chief Product Officer, Fred Koopmans.

“By leveraging your platform and our IT services, we’re able to offer customers a closed-loop incident management experience that allows for rapid resolution of issues without sacrificing quality. We strive for continuous improvement in order to ensure the best possible customer experience,” Huber said.

Exploring BigPanda’s capabilities

BigPanda is a natural fit for organizations dealing with large amounts of data, like CDI. After partnering, CDI experienced BigPanda’s capabilities firsthand, and Huber said he was especially impressed by the platform’s ability to make the digital world run more smoothly and efficiently.

As a BigPanda reseller, CDI saw how BigPanda helped customers integrate their data into a manageable platform that provided real-time analysis and insights, creating immense value for organizations. The platform also created powerful visualizations that quickly communicated important information in an easy-to-digest format, saving time and money for ITOps teams.

BigPanda Incident Intelligence and Automation, powered by AIOps, works by ingesting data from multiple sources while simultaneously triaging and analyzing it using advanced machine learning algorithms. This helps it detect anomalies in data streams, allowing IT teams to identify potential problems before they become critical issues. It then automatically escalates alerts—when necessary—and provides detailed insight into how the alerts can be addressed quickly, reducing downtime significantly and improving mean time to resolve (MTTR).

A major component of BigPanda’s platform is Incident Intelligence, which correlates observability, topology, and change data to catch problems in real time, helping teams proactively prevent and resolve outages. Combined with Alert Intelligence to clean and unify fragmented observability and Workflow Automation to speed up resolution by automating all incident response and remediation actions, the cost savings due to proactive maintenance can be incredibly significant. Customer service issues don’t have to wait until a ticket is submitted: issues can simply be addressed as they occur.

Overall, BigPanda offers organizations like CDI numerous advantages with its comprehensive feature set tailored toward technical buyers who need accurate digital solutions that produce fast results.

The benefits of CDI’s customer relationship with BigPanda

This new arrangement benefited both parties: CDI saw increased profits while BigPanda continued improving its products, adding cutting-edge technology and data-driven capabilities.

Utilizing BigPanda’s AI-powered solutions and data analysis has allowed CDI to streamline processes and maximize efficiency for tasks such as analyzing customer data and predicting consumer trends. It has also enabled CDI’s teams to focus on their core competencies rather than dealing with technical issues. Koopmans said the need for efficiency is growing for organizations, especially when it comes to data-rich problem sets. In these situations, AI can serve as a secret weapon to improve efficiency.

For BigPanda, the relationship with CDI has allowed them to expand their user base and reach more companies who rely on high-quality analytics services to make informed business decisions. Moreover, this relationship gave BigPanda access to valuable feedback from employees at CDI, which they can leverage for future product development.

Overall, this mutually beneficial relationship between CDI and BigPanda demonstrates the vast potential of partnering with BigPanda and the power of the Incident Intelligence and Automation platform itself.

BigPanda’s 2023 focus

As a BigPanda customer, CDI has gained valuable insight into the company’s vision for the future of its platform. During the podcast interview, Koopmans outlined a few key areas of focus:

  • Ease of use
  • Fully autonomous incident management
  • Incident prediction and prevention

One of the critical priorities for BigPanda is improving ease of use, with a focus on in-product setup and learning. This makes the platform more channel ready, enabling it to be deployed more quickly and efficiently. In addition, the company is working toward fully autonomous incident management to automate as much of the first-line incident management process as possible. This includes detection, triage, and routing of incidents—with the ultimate goal of reducing the need for human intervention.

Another focus for BigPanda is incident prediction and prevention. By analyzing data and identifying warning signs, the platform can predict and prevent high-risk incidents before they occur. This is an essential step toward proactively managing service disruptions rather than simply reacting to them after they happen.

BigPanda allows organizations to stay focused on critical issues rather than become overwhelmed with the rising volume, velocity, or complexity of incidents.