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Root Cause Analysis

using BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform

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Modern IT is fast-moving, complex and noisy. When there’s an outage or an incident, it’s very hard to isolate the root cause.

Determine root cause in realtime with BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform.

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Download Datasheet

Real-time Root Cause Changes

Nearly 85% of incidents and outages are caused by software and infrastructure changes. BigPanda’s Root Cause Changes feature aggregates change data from all your change feeds and tools, including CI/CD, Change Management and Auditing, and uses BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning technology to surface the offending root cause change, in real-time.

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Topology-based Root Cause Analysis

During troubleshooting, IT Ops and NOC teams regularly need to quickly visualize an incident in the context of what’s impacted. BigPanda’s real-time topology mesh uniquely pieces together the full-stack topology by merging information from configuration management platforms, orchestration tools, APMs and CMDBs. This gives you unparalleled visibility across the stack, encompassing applications architectures, cloud environments and physical networks.

Intuitive Incident Timelines

IT incidents usually materialize in the form of many symptoms across your monitoring systems, and there’s often a very distinct order of events. BigPanda’s Incident Timeline lets your IT Ops team easily understand how an incident evolved over time and the cause-and-effect relationships between the alerts that comprise it, making root cause analysis of incidents and outages significantly easier.

Dynamic Smart Titles

BigPanda’s Open-Box Machine Learning automatically correlates related alerts into high-level incidents. It then verbalizes the relationship between these alerts in the incident’s dynamic title, which is updated in real-time when new alerts are added to the incident. This helps you identify the common denominator and ensures you have ongoing situational awareness.

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