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BigPanda Launches New Capabilities of its Autonomous Digital Operations Platform

Enterprise IT Customers Realize Quick Returns from BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning & Unified Analytics

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – May 16, 2018 – BigPanda Inc., provider of the first Autonomous Digital Operations solution, today introduced new capabilities to its cloud platform for IT Operations, including two major product components. First, BigPanda uniquely features Open Box Machine Learning, a core component of its platform that offers unrivaled transparency, trust and control to enterprise IT customers. Second, BigPanda’s new Unified Analytics offering provides deep insights into the real-time health and performance of IT Operations. BigPanda’s Autonomous Digital Operations Platform helps large, global enterprises to lower operational costs, improve service availability and reduce the IT risks associated with digital transformation.

BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning Provides Transparency, Trust & Control

BigPanda is the only machine learning solution for autonomous incident management that features an “open” approach. Open Box means that IT Operations users are able to visualize and  understand the machine learning logic that drives its intelligent automation processes. In addition, users can control and customize its automation logic by adding the situational, historical and business knowledge that is unique to their organization. This is in sharp contrast to “closed” machine learning – where the logic is highly opaque, making it difficult for users to understand, modify or even trust the results.

Open Box Machine Learning builds on BigPanda’s proven machine learning technology, already in production at some of the world’s largest enterprises. Its new capabilities include automated pattern suggestion, where the machine learning engine autonomously detects hidden patterns within disparate data and presents associated automation logic to end users to preview, edit, test and deploy into production. BigPanda’s Open Box approach employs a variety of data science techniques including unsupervised learning, cluster analysis, domain heuristics and topic modeling. Customers have realized both dramatic reductions in IT alert noise up to 95 percent and rapid time-to-value within days of deployment.

“Machine learning can significantly improve operations for IT organizations struggling with data and alert overload,” said Nancy Gohring, senior analyst at 451 Research. “Yet many are wary of embracing it because they think they have to give up control, don’t have the skills required, or lack the insight to comfortably embrace tools that leverage machine learning. Vendors like BigPanda that respond to these concerns will best serve enterprise needs.”

Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research, said, “The CIO and IT leadership need to enable the most efficient incident detection and resolution, to ensure the continuity of digital technology operations that support existing and new transformational investments. BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning is an innovative approach that helps ensure the availability of digital technology while mitigating risk of incidents that impact operations, and inevitably, employees and customers.”

BigPanda’s Unified Analytics Provides Deep IT Operational Insights

Unlike general-purpose enterprise reporting and business intelligence solutions, BigPanda’s Unified Analytics is purpose-built for IT Operations. It provides deep insights into both real-time and historical performance of IT services, applications, infrastructure and teams. Users including IT executives, NOC managers, tools architects, operators and engineers all enjoy instant, out-of-the-box dashboards and reports that are intuitive and insightful.

BigPanda’s Unified Analytics delivers metrics on industry-standard key performance indicators (KPIs) such as mean time to resolution, service level agreements compliance, resolution rates by operator level/tier, and other relevant insights through customizable analytic parameters. Users are able to easily identify and fix service hotspots, inefficient workflows and recurring issues that directly impact customers. Unified Analytics begins delivering value immediately, as organizations are able to track their KPIs out of the box, align them to business impact, and prioritize operational improvements in their most critical areas.

“With the BigPanda Platform, we perform incident management in an autonomous way,” states Samuel Pereira, Director of Technical Integration, Endurance International Group. “Using Unified Analytics, we make informed and compelling decisions throughout the organization to avoid future issues and improve overall performance.”

About Autonomous Digital Operations (ADO)

Autonomous Digital Operations is a new category of enterprise IT software purpose-built for IT Operations Management. ADO introduces the concept of Level-Zero (LØ), a machine learning-based autonomous software layer that acts as the digital first responder to IT incidents. LØ autonomously detects and triages incidents, remediates them when possible, and escalates to the appropriate Level 1, 2, 3 teams when it can’t. ADO has emerged because the last generation of IT automation solutions, based on manual rules-driven approaches, have proven inadequate in handling the scale and complexity of modern IT environments.

“BigPanda’s enterprise customers realize rapid time to value from their investments by getting up and running quickly – in mere weeks,” explains Peter Chargin, Vice President of Product Marketing at BigPanda. “Our cloud-native platform integrates easily into their environment and leverages unique capabilities such as Open Box Machine Learning and Unified Analytics. These help to drive down the time and cost of implementation and drive up customer ROI. Autonomous Digital Operations enables large, complex enterprise IT organizations to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.”


Libby Kearney for BigPanda