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LØ Autonomous Layer

Autonomous First Response for IT Incidents

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The Problem

Your operations team is inundated with alerts and incidents. They’re constantly detecting, prioritizing, investigating, resolving or escalating various high priority incidents before they cause prolonged outages or other problems for your customers. But with more and more systems being digitized, your operations team faces a steadily accelerating number of alerts and incidents…and there’s no end in sight.

BigPanda’s Response

Autonomous First Response

BigPanda’s LØ Autonomous Layer powers autonomous first response to IT incidents across the incident management process, so your ops team can scalably and cost-effectively support your digital transformation initiatives.

Autonomous Detection

BigPanda’s LØ Autonomous Layer automates all aspects of incident detection including normalization, deduplication, enrichment, suppression and cross-correlation, so your ops team has easy access to relevant, context-rich incidents.

Configurable Autonomy

BigPanda’s LØ autonomous layer provides configurable levels of autonomy across your incident management process, from manual to partial to full autonomy, so you can adopt it at a pace that works best for your team and your organization.

Identifies Probable Root Cause

BigPanda’s LØ autonomous layer uses incident titles to display probable root cause and keeps them up-to-date based on any new alert data streaming into BigPanda. This give your ops team the most up-to-date, actionable information at all times.

Fully Transparent and Controllable

BigPanda’s LØ autonomous layer is powered by BigPanda’s proprietary Open Box Machine Learning, so you and your ops team are assured of full transparency and retain complete control at all times.

“The BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform allows us to consistently achieve our objectives with intelligent end-to-end automation.” 

Sanjay Chandra, Vice President, IT and Technical Operations at TiVo