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BigPanda’s Unified Analytics for IT Operations

The most comprehensive analytics tool purpose-built for IT Ops

IT executives, network operation center managers and service owners need to analyze and report on historical incidents and team performance to improve service availability and operational efficiencies. But this data is fragmented amongst various monitoring, ticketing, and service desk tools, making it hard to gain the needed insights.

Legacy IT Operations tools can no longer provide the answer, relying on configuration management databases that were not designed for fast-moving IT stacks and are constantly out-of-date, or on single silo-ed tools that do not represent the entire picture.

Powerful, intuitive visualizations of key metrics and insights into IT Operations

Purpose-built from the ground up for IT Operations and employing powerful and intuitive visualizations, BigPanda Unified Analytics solves the problem of broken and fragmented IT Operations reporting, providing IT leaders with unparalleled deep historical and contextual visibility into IT Operations performance, spanning all data sources and tools.

With Unified Analytics, teams can identify hotspots in their IT infrastructure, track team performance over time using MTTx  and other metrics, understand the effectiveness of their monitoring tools and communicate the value created by IT Ops to the rest of the organization.

Main features of BigPanda’s Unified Analytics for IT Operations

Executives and Service Owners

Dashboards and reports for executives and service owners

Contextually-rich, ready-to-use displays of top-level KPIs, metrics and trends, including mean time to acknowledge (MTTA), mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to resolve (MTTR), MTTx by severity, alert compression trends, top impacted apps, enrichment percentage trends, MTTx by NOC, and more.

Dashboards for application and service health

Ready-to-use dashboards for application and service owners that display relevant and up-to-date application and service health KPIs, metrics and trends. These include top alerting applications and services, as well as their health and availability trends, applications and services by severity, by MTTx, service-level agreements and more.

Executives and Service Owners
Hot Spots

Infrastructure and application dashboards

Out-of-the-box dashboards that display relevant and up-to-date infrastructure and application hotspot key performance indicators, metrics and trends. These include top alerting hosts, top checks, MTTx by host, top recurring hosts and more.

NOC team performance dashboards

Relevant and up-to-date team performance KPIs, metrics and trends for NOC managers and supervisors – including L1, L2 and L3 resolution rates, L1 escalation rates, MTTx by NOC engineer, MTTx by NOC, per-user assign / comment / resolve / share metrics and more.

Team Performance

IT Ops KPI and Metrics Library

BigPanda also comes with a complete library of KPIs and metrics.This library includes dozens of ready-to-use modules that measure, track and display common IT Operations KPIs, metrics and trends in accordance with industry best practices. These include noise reduction ratios, impacted applications, ticket sharing, MTTx by severity and category, team performance, top N hosts, top N applications, enrichment rates, recurring incidents and more.

Purpose-built from the ground up for IT Operations, BigPanda’s powerful and intuitive visualizations gives IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams the ability to understand and improve operational performance across their entire landscape and drive positive business outcomes.

Reporting across all data sources and tools

Gain end-to-end visibility across all service and application health trends.

Unrivaled time to value

A rich set of ready-to-use reports, metrics and dashboards, and the ability to easily create ad-hoc reports, provides insights into operational KPIs in just minutes.

Both out-of-the-box and fully customizable

BigPanda’s rich, flexible and out-of-the-box reporting and analytics capabilities mean that engineers don’t need to build and maintain complex, expensive custom reporting systems. When needed, BigPanda’s Unified Analytics also makes it easy for IT Operations teams to customize reports, KPIs and metrics, without having to rely on expensive 3rd party experts.

Exporting and sharing

with other users across the organization’s environment without needing to login to BigPanda.

Integration with BI platforms

BigPanda’s Unified Analytics makes it easy to export IT Operations data into industry-standard formats that can then be consumed and reported upon by industry-standard BI platforms like Tableau, Domo, Qlik and others.

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