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BigPanda’s Unified Analytics for IT Operations

Insights and KPIs from complex IT Operations data improve incident management workflow and business outcomes.

IT executives, NOC managers and service owners need data-driven insights to understand how to deliver operational excellence across DevOps and SRE teams.

With data fragmented across teams and tools, it’s hard to create and monitor KPIs that help standardize and accelerate incident workflows.

Without these IT Operations metrics, it’s a struggle to report on IT accomplishments and tell a value story that shows the impact on business outcomes.

Stop IT outages in their tracks

Unified Analytics translates IT Ops data into insights that prevent outages

Unified Analytics

Powerful, highly interactive IT Operations dashboards deliver new insights into IT-enabled business improvements

Drive organizational improvements with highly interactive IT Ops dashboards from complex data. Gain new insights from ready-to-use KPIs that measure, track and display IT Operations performance and trends against targets, and use them to build new value use cases that articulate business impact from IT Ops improvements.

Unified Analytics chart
Lukas Johnson

Lumen Technologies manages the backbone for a large portion of the world’s network traffic, so operational awareness is critical for us at all times. BigPanda’s Unified Analytics helps unify monitoring and observability data into a single pane of glass.

We can build custom dashboards and create custom KPIs unique to our business, which helps us avoid surprises and illuminate ways we can optimize incident management workflows.”

The four tenets of a modern, Unified Analytics platform for IT Operations


Unified IT
Operations data

Ingest, normalize and tag complex IT Ops data—from monitoring and topology tools to ticketing and service desk solutions—into a single pane of glass.


A new, purpose-built data model makes it easy to understand incident management breakdown and categorization without complex calculations.

Self-service IT Ops
analytics and reports

Create your own IT Ops dashboards or customize existing metrics from a library of best practices using a visual, drag-and-drop experience that simplifies KPI measurement.

IT Operations
KPI exploration

Easily explore interrelated IT Ops KPIs to ask questions of your data, and derive insights to help drive operational incident workflow improvements.

Unified Analytics in action

Discover how you can turn IT Ops data into actionable insights.

BigPanda’s Unified Analytics delivers a unique perspective on how to translate IT Ops metrics and KPIs into business impact across different IT roles.

Operational and Value Dashboard Library

Unified Analytics also comes with a complete library of ready-to-use operational and value dashboards. Designed by our experts and based on industry best practices, these dashboards help you rapidly track and display common IT Operations KPIs, metrics and trends vital for planning and measurement.


As a trusted advisor and partner to corporate IT organizations, Ballast Services strives to help our customers optimize their technology and internal workflows to make digital business more observable and resilient.

BigPanda’s Unified Analytics gives our teams new IT Ops dashboards that rapidly identify improvements specific to each of our customers. We can improve noise reduction, service availability, and team productivity—translating those metrics into business impact.”

Ty Patterson

CxO value: cost savings

Measure alert quality from each monitoring tool and connect the impact of high or low quality payload data on noise reduction and incident response MTTR. These insights can help optimize or rationalize tooling and eliminate redundancies.

Director (IT, NOC, or other) value: efficiency

Track the progress of standardizing incident response workflows across diverse teams by measuring how consistent they are in responding to incidents—and how it helps to reduce MTTR.

Operational management value: scale

Show the NOC’s growth in productivity in processing more alerts and incidents over time—demonstrating increased operational efficiency and automation practices.

Quickstart your journey with IT Ops KPIs

Seven ready-to-use dashboards measure, track and display common IT Ops KPIs according to industry best practices, including Alert Analysis, Enrichment and MTTx breakdown.

Prevent IT outages with Unified Analytics

Translate IT Ops data into insights that matter

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