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Unified Analytics

Deep Visibility Into Operational KPIs, Metrics and Trends

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IT Ops Reporting is Broken

You want to analyze and report on historical incidents and team performance to improve service availability and operational efficiencies. But the data is fragmented amongst various monitoring, ticketing, service desk and other tools, making it hard to gain the insights you need. 3rd party tools are an option, but they don’t always give you the flexibility you need. Custom reporting solutions are expensive to build and maintain.

BigPanda’s Response

Report Across All Your Data Sources

BigPanda’s Unified Analytics reports span all your data sources and tools, so you can gain end-to-end insights into your service and application health trends.

Flexible Reporting Options

BigPanda’s Unified Analytics provides you with flexible reporting options. You can choose from pre-built reports, create your own or customize existing reports, all with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

100+ Ready-to-Use Operational KPI Modules

BigPanda’s Unified Analytics helps you gain instant, deep visibility with 100+ ready-to-use modules for standard operational KPIs. These KPIs cover MTTR/A/D, incident sources, resolution rates and many more.

Industry and Peer Benchmarking

BigPanda lets you benchmark your operational KPIs against industry averages and your peers, so you can see how you stack up, and use those insights to drive additional operational improvements.

Works With Your Existing DW/BI Tools

BigPanda makes it easy to export all your data in commonly-used formats, so you can use 3rd party or your company-standard DW/BI tools to report on it.

“With the BigPanda Platform, we perform incident management in an autonomous way. Using Unified Analytics, we make informed decisions to avoid future issues and improve overall performance.”
Sam Pereira, Director of Technical Integration, Endurance