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Operations Console

Intuitive Real-Time Interface for IT Ops, NOC and DevOps Teams

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Multiple Hard-to-use Consoles

Ops teams are often forced to rely on complicated, difficult-to-use consoles. The simplest of actions requires multiple manual steps, slowing down real-time incident investigation, root cause analysis, and the sharing of incidents with distributed teams and tools. This has a major impact on IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams’ productivity and efficiency, especially when dealing with outages and critical incidents.

BigPanda’s Response

Intuitive User Interface

BigPanda’s Operations Console has an intuitive user interface that was purpose-built for IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams in large, complex enterprises. It is easy to use, easy to learn and helps operations teams accomplish most actions in just a few clicks.

Timeline Visualization

The Operations Console’s Timeline Visualization feature lets you visualize the full history of an incident at a glance, and it lets you drill down into specific windows of time so you can investigate probable root cause more easily.

Incident Wallboards

The Operations Console’s Incident Wallboard provides a summary view of all incidents, so managers can easily visualize the overall health of the infrastructure and make sure that nothing critical is falling through the cracks.

Root Cause Changes

The Operations Console’s Related Changes section provides a searchable list of all the changes related to an incident, suggests the suspected root cause change or changes, and lets users accept the suggestion if approved. This slashes the time it takes IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams to investigate and resolve incidents and outages.

Unified Search

The Operations Console’s Unified Search provides real-time, post-mortem and proactive incident management capabilities to your team so they can diagnose, investigate or prevent problems faster, based on the situation.

Operational Health Dashboards

The Operations Console’s Health Dashboards make it easy for you and your ops team to track the real-time health and status of your critical services and applications.

Fully Customizable

The Operations Console can be fully customized and personalized based on your needs, role and responsibility. This helps you focus on what matters to you the most, and it helps improve the overall team’s productivity.

“The BigPanda Platform allows us to consistently achieve our objectives with intelligent end-to-end automation.” 

Sanjay Chandra, Vice President, IT and Technical Operations at TiVo