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Q3 2022

We’re thrilled to introduce Unified Analytics, the latest IT Ops offering from BigPanda. With Unified Analytics, you can now say goodbye to static dashboards and incomplete reporting, and say hello to new self-service analytics capabilities and ready-to-use value KPI’s. We have created detailed and interactive learning resources to get you started, and we cannot wait for you to experience Unified Analytics for yourself!
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To help fully leverage our new Unified Analytics capabilities, we’ve compiled a list of helpful resources. Read on to learn more.

Turn your IT Ops metrics into business value

Turn your IT Ops metrics into business value
Want to easily translate your metrics into business value to your organization? Unified Analytics ready-to-use dashboards contain real-time data that you can use to gain new and invaluable insights.

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Unified Analytics is a game changer for IT Ops reporting

Unified Analytics: A game changer to IT Ops reporting

Without Unified Analytics, the current broken state of IT Ops analytics causes daily challenges for IT departments. Learn more about these pain points, and how Unified Analytics can be leveraged to improve business outcomes in this whitepaper.

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I’m ready to use Unified Analytics. What’s next?

You understand the value of Unified Analytics, but you want to dive deeper into how to use, manage and actually migrate to your custom dashboard experience. Complete resources can be found on these BigPanda Docs below.

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Translating IT operational metrics into business wins

For many IT Ops professionals, communicating the value of their efforts to the rest of the business proves challenging due to lack of self-service analytics and unclear KPIs. Overcome this with Unified Analytics.

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Overheard at Bamboo Lounge: Making sense of IT Ops KPIs

Practical use cases from BigPanda customers

Don’t just take our word for it, get insights directly from a panel of customers who have been utilizing Unified Analytics since Alpha stages and shared their personal experiences and advice during the recent Bamboo Lounge community forum: Unified Analytics in action.

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Whiskey and wisdom: AIOps as a strategy

Whiskey and Wisdom: justifying AIOps

At our latest Whiskey and Wisdom forum, IT Ops leaders discussed how to ensure that your AIOps teams are contributing value organization-wide, supporting strategic initiatives and providing executive observability.

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