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Project Description

Automate, Correlate and Deploy Your Alerts with Data Science

Now ITSM organizations can utilize intelligent alert management to eliminate the noise, isolate the root cause of issues, and minimize MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution) with data science from BigPanda and real-time cloud monitoring from Librato.

Actionable Insight for Better Service at a Lower Cost

In today’s complex operating environments, IT first responders have to deal with the fast pace of code deployments, infrastructure change, and continuous integration and delivery. Instead of being overwhelmed by alerts from all of these sources, BigPanda provides unique, actionable insights for IT management. Finally, there’s an alternative that leads to higher quality and more reliable services at lower cost. BigPanda can often reach 99% correlation between alerts (with very high levels of accuracy).

The Solution for Reducing Up to 95% of Inbox Bloat

Librato is an excellent solution for monitoring and understanding the metrics that impact business services. Together, Librato and BigPanda reduce alerts by up to 95%. Now its easier to monitor and manage modern apps more efficiently so you can accomplish more, faster, and spend less time battling inbox bloat.

Get BigPanda and Librato – Together

With monitoring, dashboard visuals and analysis from Librato, and alert management and incident intelligence from BigPanda, operations teams can now manage applications more effectively, improve service quality, and dramatically reduce MTTR

BigPanda can help. BigPanda correlates your Librato alerts with each other, as well as your other monitoring, metrics, and change management systems, such as: Splunk, New Relic, AppDynamics, Pingdom, Graphite and more.

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