BigPanda’s custom API for integrations

BigPanda’s self-service REST API

If a BigPanda integration is not currently available out-of-the box for a particular tool, BigPanda’s self-service REST API allows anyone to build custom integrations for nearly any data source. This allows BigPanda to ingest and correlate data from nearly any system alongside information from your other tools, adding context and further reducing noise. Most integrations take advantage of our REST API, but legacy applications unable to utilize a REST API can send data into BigPanda through SNMP or email alerts.

Easily integrate with any IT tool, commercial or homegrown, on-premise or cloud.

Here are the types of information BigPanda’s API works with:


Most monitoring tools can use the BigPanda Alerts API to send events when problems are detected and when problems have been resolved. The API works by receiving the events that your monitoring system sends. Incoming events sent via the REST API are processed according to the BigPanda alert correlation logic. Depending on the results of the correlation, the system then creates a new incident or updates an existing incident.

Additionally, the Enrichments API allows you to add contextual information to alerts in BigPanda. Use the Enrichments API to define custom tags that help users understand incidents more quickly and enrich BigPanda functionality, including correlation patterns and maintenance plans.

Finally, the Maintenance Plans API allows for the suppression of events corresponding to maintenance windows. Use the Maintenance Plans API to define time windows that parallel infrastructure changes affecting monitored services.

BigPanda Alerts REST API

Alerts Timeline


The BigPanda Root Cause Changes REST API connects your organization’s change records to BigPanda. Use the Changes REST API to push change feed updates, which are then ingested by BigPanda, where all the original change system’s fields and active states are converted into BigPanda’s Change objects. The resulting data is displayed in the Related Changes table for each incident. 

BigPanda Changes REST API

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The BigPanda Real-Time Topology Mesh capability renders a visual representation of the relationships between the alert tags of an incident. The BigPanda Topology UI API allows users to structure the visual appearance of the topology between alert tag nodes, charting information that can be used to aid in investigating the root cause of the incident and assessing potential impact.

BigPanda Topology UI API



The Incidents API allows you to build integrated functionality between an external ticketing or collaboration system and BigPanda. It provides the Incidents object, which represents a BigPanda incident containing correlated alerts from your integrated monitoring systems. Use the Incidents API to retrieve, snooze or resolve an incident in BigPanda.

BigPanda Incidents API

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