Free incident responders
from repetitive, low-level actions

Accelerate and automate incident response actions with Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform that enables ITOps teams to focus on high-impact work.

Data Engineering

BigPanda + Red Hat® Ansible®

Certified integrations and Content Collections for Red Hat® Ansible® Automation with event-driven automation® deliver IT Operations a secure and user-friendly framework that accelerates and automates incident response actions and improves Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR).

Jumpstart your automation journey

Native integrations within Ansible® and BigPanda-certified Content Collections in the Ansible® Automation Hub deliver IT operations pre-built automation scripts that reduce the complexity, time, and developer resources needed to develop incident automation workflows.

Explainable automation for ITOps

BigPanda generates rich, contextualized incidents from monitoring, observability, topology, CMDB and other enrichment sources to identify automation signals that match Ansible® Rulebooks. The rich incident payload data gives ITOps teams the transparency needed to execute automation with confidence.

Lower automation costs

BigPanda serves as a central hub of monitoring and observability alert data to intelligently associate Ansible playbooks with incidents based on their specific context and business rules. This system of record minimizes observability redundancy and automation coverage needed.

Execute automation securely

BigPanda’s event-driven Ansible® capability enables event-based automation without lengthy and complex information security reviews. Avoid the need for additional distributed event store and stream-processing platforms and associated licenses.

Automation oversight and visibility

A single point of communication provides all users with the ability to understand automation outcomes in incident activity feeds or tickets.  Updates to incident tags during each stage of incident response give teams a quick glance at the state of auto-remediation.

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What is event-driven automation?

Event-driven automation involves the automatic execution of predefined actions in response to specific incident signals. These signals, which are generated by BigPanda and carry rich contextual information from various data sources, serve as triggers for Ansible’s® automation processes. When an incident matches predefined criteria in Ansible® Rulebooks, the system automatically initiates the corresponding automation tasks or playbooks, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

How does AIOps enhance automation using Ansible playbooks?

BigPanda created a Content Collection within the Ansible® Automation Hub that gives users pre-build automation scripts and modules to reduce the complexity, time and developer resources to start automating repetitive tasks.

How is AIOps-driven automation different than observability-sourced automation?

BigPanda acts as a system of record by integrating and correlating alerts and incidents from various monitoring and observability tools. It can identify when multiple alerts are related to a single underlying issue. By intelligently focusing on automating actions related to the cause, and not just the symptoms, BigPanda and Ansible® help customers minimize observability redundancy and automation overlap, which in turn reduces the number of automation scripts, actions and licensed nodes required.

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