Welcome to BigPanda University and the new Getting Started with BigPanda video series

Ease of use and outstanding user experience have always been a top priority for us, and we consider them to be a key factor in our success. Recent years have seen enterprise customers also looking for a self-service, low-friction user experience – and part of that includes access to extensive educational content, for all the stages of the product onboarding process and all levels of usage.

That’s the reason we are launching BigPanda University, which provides customer education content that complements our comprehensive documentation library as well as our Questions and Answers knowledgebase.

Our first offering from BigPanda U is now available: the “Getting Started with BigPanda video series, that walks customers through a detailed tutorial of the main setup procedures of the BigPanda platform. By watching these eight ten-minute videos, you now can learn how to easily set up BigPanda’s Event Correlation and Automation platform from A to Z. These video are:

  • Overview of BigPanda setup
  • Getting started with integrations
  • Getting started with normalization and enrichment
  • Getting started with correlation
  • Getting started with environments
  • Getting Started with collaboration and sharing
  • Getting started with changes and Root Cause Changes
  • Getting started with user management

(To see the playlist  press the upper-right corner )

To make sure that the videos are short, compelling and easy to understand, we enlisted our amazing Sales Engineering team to help us tackle the production task. This team’s consultative nature and extensive experience with BigPanda’s capabilities means you get a foundational understanding of BigPanda via a first hand walk-through. The videos are hosted on the BigPanda YouTube channel and on our new BigPanda U pages of our website.

Each month, expect to see more resources from BigPanda U so be sure to bookmark the page!