BigPanda University

Getting started

If you are just getting to know BigPanda, these videos are a perfect way to learn about platform capabilities and how to get the system set up and working for you quickly.

The content below is available to anyone interested in learning about Event Correlation and Automation. Additional courseware can be found on the gated BigPanda University portal (login required).

A quick summary of BigPanda’s No Experts Required set-up steps

Learn how to quickly bring in all of the alerts from your monitoring tools 

Find out about custom tags and why they matter for event correlation at scale

See how raw data gets turned into an actionable high-level incident

Slice and dice inbound incidents, zoom into infrastructure, networks and applications

Share incidents from BigPanda with ticketing, chat, notification and orchestration systems

Learn how to integrate change data with BigPanda to drive change-related root cause analysis 

Streamline BigPanda user management with role-based access control (RBAC)

Tips for NOCs

Are you experiencing incident routing challenges? Are you stuck in manual ticket creation hell? If you have a specific issue you are trying to solve, start with these “how-to’s,” available in a video and quick-read format.

Tips for Modern NOCs – Correlating Incidents to the IT Changes that Caused Them

Correlating Incidents to the IT Changes that Caused Them

Tips for Modern NOCs – Alleviating Incident Routing Bottlenecks

Alleviating Incident Routing Bottlenecks

Tips for modern NOCs – simplifying IT operations team reporting

Simplifying IT operations team reporting

Tips for modern NOCs – easing the pain of ticket creation

Easing the pain of ticket creation

Best practices

If you are ready to take a deeper dive into the BigPanda platform, you’ll find the material below helpful.

Guide to BigPanda incident management workflow

Download the guide

BigPanda Incident Management Workflow
This guide will walk through the eight steps of a highly effective workflow for incident management. Based on our learnings from tens of large-scale, world-class IT Operations organizations, the guide covers the A-to-Z’s of leveraging BigPanda for Event Management and ITSM tools (such as ServiceNow, Jira, etc.).
Platform Status

Platform status

Get performance and availability updates about the BigPanda platform.

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Product Questions

Product questions

Need answers to questions about our latest features? We want to hear from you.

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Product Documentation

Product documentation

Feature enhancements, new capabilities, integration how-to docs. It’s all here.

Read documentation

A picture is worth a thousand words…which makes the BigPanda self-guided tour priceless.