Unsung IT Ops and DevOps heroes are finally getting their due!

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IT Ops and DevOps teams in every organization are capable of focusing on revenue-generating initiatives and projects. Unfortunately they’re held back by constant fire-fighting…which means they are reduced to supporting just the current state and existing/legacy applications and services.

I saw this first-hand, working for companies in the financial, healthcare and other non-tech-dominant sectors.

At Velocity, I heard similar things from a number of attendees. Many were frustrated that they were just keeping the lights on instead of helping their companies transform digitally.

It was heartening to see the very active interest in BigPanda because BigPanda, by automating and streaming IT incident management, can help IT Ops & DevOps personnel spend more time on innovation and other strategic initiatives.

In other words, tools like BigPanda can help IT Ops & DevOps teams achieve the conference’s stated goal: “Build Systems That Drive Business”.


Throughout the conference, I got to talk to a number of visitors to the BigPanda booth. Themes across these conversations and across organizations were always the same:

  • Dreaded middle-of-the-night calls and escalations: L2s and L3s, after long busy days, hate getting that dreaded call or page in the middle of the night. Especially when overwhelmed L1s just escalate something to them because they can’t handle it, or escalate because they don’t know what to do.
  • Fragmentation: Not being sure where to start investigations and triaging either during an outage or afterwards, as part of the post-Mortem.
  • Cost: This was something I heard from quite a few managers. Budgets and headcount are always a constraint!
  • “Availability anxiety”: IT Ops and DevOps teams living in constant fear of downtime and outages and getting those dreaded calls…

What was more surprising to me though was that many of the organizations out there seem to be resigned to their fate and thought that they were doomed to live that way.

At BigPanda we know for a fact, and we see this over and over again, that it does not have to be that way!

Across verticals and across organizations, there are many IT Ops and DevOps teams whose lives have been transformed by BigPanda’s ability to solve every one of the pain points I mentioned above. I was glad to have the chance to share with Velocity attendees how BigPanda could make a huge difference in their work (and after-hours) lives.


Practitioners, managers and execs in large complex organizations all use different tools and different metrics by which they measure and communicate the value created by IT Ops and DevOps teams.

Bridging these teams together and helping foster a common understanding is critical for their collective success. I saw this and heard different manifestations of this in the sessions, discussions during the breaks and other conversations I was lucky to be part of.

Again, that’s where rich operational KPIs, reporting and analytics, which BigPanda provides in the form of easy-to-understand and easy-to-share dashboards, can be extremely helpful. As a product manager at BigPanda I certainly felt proud of the fact that large complex organizations can, and are, using BigPanda to capture and share the value of IT Ops & DevOps teams across the organization.

Unsung IT Ops and DevOps heroes are finally getting their due!

About the Author:

Shachar Brenner
Shachar Brenner is a Senior Product Manager at BigPanda. As an experienced product leader, Shachar shares from his experience around product management, methodologies, and the great things we do here at Bigpanda.