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Successfully Adopt AIOps

using BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform

You want to successfully adopt AIOps. But how do you avoid disruption, reduce risk and still go-live in just 8 – 12 weeks?

Start with BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform.

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Download Whitepaper

Successfully Adopt AIOps, Start with BigPanda

Revolution: You can adopt AIOps by adding AI/ML to multiple domains across all three layers of your IT Ops tools stack at the same time. But this approach requires that you rip up your existing tools. This disrupts your operations, introduces risk, and prolongs your AIOps project.

Evolution: Successfully adopt AIOps by starting with BigPanda. By starting in the Autonomous Operations layer, your monitoring tools become more useful, your NOC, IT Ops and DevOps teams handle incidents faster, and your service desk sees a drastically reduced number of tickets.

BigPanda Adds Critical AIOps Capabilities

Successfully adopt AIOps by starting with BigPanda and add critical AIOps capabilities that your enterprise needs to succeed:

  • The Open Integration Hub lets you easily collect, normalize and enrich monitoring and other data
  • Open Box Machine Learning reduces IT noise by 95%+, surfaces probable root cause and autonomously responds to incidents
  • The Operations Console and bi-directional integrations route incidents to your teams for additional investigation and resolution
  • Unified Analytics lets your IT execs and NOC managers report on, analyze and improve key IT Ops KPIs and metrics

Fastest AIOps Time to Value with BigPanda

Forget about AIOps projects that last months or years. You can successfully adopt AIOps and go-live with BigPanda in just 8-12 weeks.

How? BigPanda’s out-of-the-box integrations, combined with built-in normalization and enrichment, let you quickly bring all your monitoring tools together. BigPanda’s unique Open Box Machine Learning models get you to 95%+ noise reduction in just a few weeks. BigPanda’s intuitive Operations Console is easy to learn and easy to use. Finally, out-of-the-box reports and templates, along with easy customization options, make IT Ops KPI/metric reporting and analysis a breeze.

BigPanda Minimizes your AIOps Project Risk

Start with BigPanda to minimize your AIOps project risk, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a 100% success rate, and successfully adopt AIOps:

Real Customers, Real AIOps Successes

Real Customers, Real AIOps Successes

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