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Embracing Chaos With BigPanda’s Root Cause Analysis Features

The ever-growing complexity, scale and pace of IT environments puts a huge burden on IT Ops, NOC, and DevOps teams, who are tasked with keeping these environments up and running. One of the biggest challenges is Root Cause Analysis (RCA). When something breaks, they need to determine what broke it, and they need to do it fast. 

Unfortunately in modern, fast-moving IT environments there is no single technique that teams can master to determine root cause for all types of incidents and outages. Instead, they need to Embrace the Chaos of these environments, and design an RCA strategy that relies on a suite of techniques. And for this purpose – they need the appropriate tools. BigPanda’s Autonomous Operations Platform features several such advanced RCA tools.


Incident Timeline 

IT incidents usually materialize in the form of many symptoms across your monitoring systems, with a very distinct order of events. BigPanda’s Incident Timeline lets your IT Ops teams easily understand how an incident evolved over time and the cause-and-effect relationships between its alerts, making root cause analysis of incidents and outages significantly easier.


Root Cause Changes

Nearly 85% of incidents and outages are caused by software and infrastructure changes. BigPanda’s Root Cause Changes feature aggregates change data from all your change feeds and tools, including CI/CD, Change Management and Auditing. It then uses BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning technology to surface the offending root cause change, in real-time.


Topology Mesh

BigPanda’s real-time topology mesh uniquely pieces together the full-stack topology by merging information from configuration management platforms, orchestration tools, APMs and CMDBs. This gives your IT Ops teams unparalleled visibility across the stack, encompassing applications architectures, cloud environments and physical networks.

And there’s more, like our Deep Links function and our Dynamic Smart Incident Titling. We invite you to visit our Root Cause Analysis solution page to learn more, and to get detailed information about how BigPanda can assist you in developing an RCA strategy based on your needs and the different contexts in which you operate.

Happy Root Cause Analysis!