Ease your AWS migration with AIOps

As enterprise cloud migrations accelerate,  AWS continues to be a clear and compelling choice for digitally-transforming organizations. And while cloud-based operations are faster, innovative, reliable and cost-effective – they pose new, growing challenges for IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams.

Siloed and Noisy

With cloud-based operations, IT organizations now need to minimize outages and disruptions across different architectures and workloads. This means that they must be able to support cloud-native architectures such as microservices, containers, Kubernetes and Lambda functions, as well as hybrid workloads that are both AWS and on-prem/legacy. This invariably leads to the proliferation of siloed monitoring tools, which generate large amounts of data-rich, yet insight-poor, alerts. So paradoxically, adding more and better monitoring tools leads to IT Ops, NOC and DevOps being overwhelmed by IT Noise, and raises the risk of long outages and disruptions in service.

BigPanda AIOps Can Help

Implementing Machine Learning (ML) and AI in IT operations, commonly known as AIOps, can help by quickly processing large datasets and uncovering insights hidden from the human eye.  

BigPanda’s Autonomous Operations platform does just that. 

It ingests and correlates alerts into a small number of insight-rich, actionable incidents. By using BigPanda, enterprises can reduce IT alert noise by 95%, service desk tickets by over 85% and MTTR by 50%. This helps them maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, so they can confidently continue with their AWS cloud migration journeys. 

You’ll probably be interested to know that BigPanda itself relies on AWS to optimize for performance and scalability for our own customers, a group that includes some of the world’s most complex and demanding enterprises. 

And on top of that, our AWS usage lets our customers take advantage of AWS’s constantly-growing set of capabilities: 

  • Both we and our customers use AWS Lambda functions to quickly build API adapters to send/receive data to/from custom tools
  • We allow our  customers to continuously feed all of our datasets into AWS Redshift for analytics & reporting purposes; and
  • We consume CloudTrail audit logs to help drive root-cause analysis for our customers’ incidents that are caused by changes in their environments.

How to get BigPanda 

BigPanda is an Advanced Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) and as of Sept 10th, it is available on AWS Marketplace. If you have questions or comments about BigPanda’s AWS Marketplace listing,  please send us a note.   

Interested and want to learn more? 
Join Kelly Looney, the Global DevOps lead at AWS, and Elik Eizenberg, Co-Founder and CTO at BigPanda in our webinar as they discuss:
  1. The challenges and opportunities that IT Ops teams face in their transition to bring an organization’s operations to the cloud,
  2. How this can impact users and customers, and
  3. How AIOps tools like BigPanda can be the solution.