Announcing a BigPanda<>Datadog Integration for Alerts, Topology and Changes

Datadog BigPanda Integration for Alerts, Topology and Changes

Datadog is a SaaS-based monitoring and analytics platform for infrastructure, applications, logs, and more. Through its fully unified platform, Datadog delivers complete visibility into the performance of modern applications. BigPanda is the leader in Event Correlation & Automation, providing an AIOps-powered platform for intelligently processing events and automating the incident response lifecycle.

Today, we’re happy to announce a powerful new Datadog and BigPanda integration, that offers multiple forms of data-sharing between the two platforms, including alert, topology and change data.

DataDog Screenshot

BigPanda automatically correlates alerts from all of Datadog’s monitoring products, including Infrastructure, Log Management, APM and others. Datadog alerts, as well as those from any third-party tool, can easily be configured to be sent to BigPanda. These alerts are then correlated into context-rich incidents, providing significant noise-reduction and reducing MTTR.

Datadog’s Service Map visualizes service-to-service topology and maps dependencies between services. The new integration enables BigPanda to ingest this rich topology information to drive correlation and root-cause analysis. BigPanda also ingests CMDB data from ITSM systems to provide a full-stack view of the relationship between services in Datadog and other services.

DataDog Mapping

Finally, BigPanda’s Root-Cause Changes capability utilizes Machine Learning to automatically detect the root cause of incidents. It bubbles up to the user suspicious infrastructure or application changes that have a causal relationship to the incident. With this new integration, Datadog users will now be able to visualize root-cause changes within Datadog dashboards and event feeds.

The simple setup process is accessible from within both the Datadog and BigPanda UIs.

We hope this integration will help our mutual customers realize even more value from the two platforms, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.