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As you probably know, BigPanda connects with Nagios, New Relic, Zabbix, and all of your monitoring systems and intelligently clusters your noisy alerts into high-level incidents. But knowing that alerts exist is only the first step in the Incident Management process. After you see and understand incidents, it’s time to collaborate around those incidents as a team.

BigPanda’s new Incident Sharing feature allows you to do just that. It’s easier than ever to collaborate seamlessly around your critical IT incidents. When you’re creating and managing tickets by hand it’s impossible to keep up with the scale and complexity of a Modern Ops infrastructure. You’re often managing a noisy alert stream of hundreds or even thousands of alerts. Meanwhile, every second that elapses means costly and painful customer downtime.

That’s where we come in. BigPanda automatically groups related alerts into incidents for you and keeps them up-to-date in real-time as the alerts unfold. That saves your IT team from endlessly scouring through emails and it ensures that critical incidents never fall through the cracks. Then, once those alerts are organized and augmented with critical insights, BigPanda allows you to link all of this seamlessly with the collaboration platform that you’re already using!


With Incident Sharing in BigPanda you can send a concise package of incident-insights including alerts, runbooks, metrics & more instantly to anyone on your team. Starting today, you have more choices than ever before for incident collaboration. Share BigPanda incidents with your team via SMS, email, HipChat, Slack, JIRA, ServiceNow, and Asana. SMS and email work out-of-the-box and are configuration-free. You can enable HipChat, Slack, JIRA, ServiceNow, & Asana in seconds from the integrations tab within the BigPanda application.

Sharing an incident is easy and intuitive. Simply click on the incident’s Sharing button and your team will be on the same page from that point forward. No matter how many monitoring solutions you use or how large and distributed your team is, BigPanda gives your entire team an easy-to-understand view of what’s happening.

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