Why BigPanda?

BigPanda: designed for next-generation IT Operations

Whether you are a part of an IT Ops team, in the NOC, a DevOps engineer or an SRE, you know that there are three essential criteria for running successful IT operations today.


Reduce operating costs:

Prevent outages, reduce escalations and eliminate redundant tools. Optimize processes and people.


Increase performance and availability:

Automate workflows and streamline collaboration of services, systems, applications and networks.


Increase business velocity:

Stay agile so you can move as fast as the business needs, without taking on more risk.

The challenge is doing all three at the same time.

You want to help your organization grow faster, but you have an unwieldy infrastructure spanning across multiple clouds and on-prem, with hundreds of changes being made to it every day. You are drowning in a sea of notifications, alerts, manual reporting and increasing headcount just to keep the lights on.

We get it. We built BigPanda especially for teams like yours.

When our customers want to streamline incident management across dozens of monitoring tools, they just “Panda IT” for greater visibility, automation and insight that keeps their IT environments running more smoothly and cost-effectively.

When they get a new change or topology tool, our customers just “Panda IT” to improve MTTx and find root cause faster.

Panda IT

To prevent outages and resolve incidents faster.

Panda IT

To automate workflows and streamline incident collaboration across ticketing, chat and notification systems.

Panda IT

To find out which tools are creating unnecessary alert noise and eliminate them.

Panda IT

To gain visibility across hybrid tech stacks, all in as little as 8-12 weeks.

Panda IT

To give the business the ability to move as fast as they need to instead of telling them “no.”

Panda IT

To see how you and your team can free up time to focus on strategic initiatives that drive revenue.

Are you ready to Panda it?