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Do you want to get out of fire-fighting mode and deliver value to your organization?

Your business is rapidly transforming – migrating to the cloud, embracing DevOps and SRE models, modernizing applications and adopting automation and AI.

As a result, outages and incidents are rising in frequency, duration and impact.

You’re responsible for arming your IT Ops and NOC teams with the right AIOps tool – one that can prevent and resolve outages.

Every monitoring, ITSM, collaboration and on-call vendor claims that their AIOps tool is the right one.

How do you choose a “neutral,” domain-agnostic AIOps solution that:

Delivers value in just 10–12 weeks?

Works with your on-prem, hybrid and cloud tools, environments, and more?

Is laser-focused on what matters the most?

“I remember when I brought BigPanda into my NOC and explained that we were going to start automating things. The first thing people felt was, we’re not going to have jobs. But it did the opposite. It gave us the ability to do new more exciting work from lower level engineering things and helping out with incident management to problem management.”

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Challenges facing today’s IT operations teams

Organizations’ blend of legacy systems with modern infrastructure and applications leads to several issues that slow IT’s effectiveness.  

Overwhelming noise prevents teams from catching incidents in time, before they escalate into crippling outages

The typical modern enterprise has invested in 15 or more observability and monitoring tools. These tools provide their IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams with deep visibility into critical applications, systems and infrastructure, both on-prem and in the cloud. But these tools also generate very large volumes of IT alerts that, combined with topology and change data streams, overwhelm those teams. Because they’re overwhelmed, these teams can’t easily detect IT incidents before they escalate into crippling outages.

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Unable to investigate the root cause of outages in time, prolonging downtime

Identifying the root cause of a poorly performing application is one of the biggest challenges for enterprise IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams. Issues have moved up the stack, to complex application architectures, databases, cloud services and their inter-dependencies Modern IT environments experience thousands of changes every week, and each change has the potential to cause an unintended outage or disruption. Without Root Cause Analysis (RCA) techniques that are built for these modern IT environments, teams must go on a scavenger hunt, manually sifting through thousands of IT alerts and changes to triangulate on the root cause.

Incident response workflows are heavily manual and slow, making outages last a long time

One of the reasons outages can last for a long time in modern IT environments is because various incident response workflows are manual, time-consuming, and often error prone. IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams waste precious time dealing with problems caused by manually sharing (through tickets, notifications and delivery systems), inconsistently syncing information between tools as incident data evolves, and other manual workflows for incident management.

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BigPanda leads the way with domain-agnostic AIOps

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How does BigPanda solve these issues?

BigPanda keeps businesses running with AI that turns data into insights and context, beyond the limits of human scalability.

BigPanda’s Event Correlation capability eliminates noise, and prevents incidents from escalating into painful outages

BigPanda’s Event Correlation capability helps IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams detect, investigate and resolve incidents in real-time.

By aggregating, normalizing and enriching data from monitoring, change and topology tools, and subsequently correlating this data using Open Box Machine Learning, event correlation dramatically slashes IT noise and helps IT teams detect incidents as they form.

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BigPanda’s Root Cause Analysis capability enables rapid outage and incident resolution

BigPanda lets organizations quickly drill down and isolate the root cause of incidents and outages.

It automatically identifies changes to infrastructure and applications that cause most outages and incidents today, and it exposes lower-level infrastructure problems.

Instead of wasting hours or days on bridge calls trying to find the root cause of outages, IT Ops teams can now identify root cause in minutes and take action quickly.

BigPanda Level-0 automation capability turns manual tasks into automated workflows to accelerate incident response

BigPanda automates and streamlines the incident response lifecycle with automatic bi-directional ticketing, notifications and war room creation, as well as connections to Runbook Automation tools to run workflow automations.

BigPanda gives IT Operations teams time back that was once spent on manual tasks, shaves critical minutes off the incident management lifecycle, and drives faster incident resolution.

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