PandaPalooza Customer Festival

Pandapalooza has now concluded. Catch up or relive the Pandapalooza experience now!

BigPanda’s Fall ’21 Pandapalooza customer festival was a virtual experience that spanned two days and brought our customers together to talk about their AIOps journeys, get product updates and share best practices in event correlation, triage, root cause analysis, automation and reporting/analytics.

All sessions are now available on-demand for customers through your BigPanda University account (Please note, the link below will only work if you have a BigPanda University account.)

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Each session is fast paced and engaging – ensuring that you walk away with lots of ideas on how to increase the value BigPanda delivers to your organization.

At Pandapalooza, you will find out why two small words can be packed with meaning.

You chose BigPanda to be a part of your next-gen IT Operations strategy…and that was just the beginning of our partnership.

We must now earn your business and prove our value every day. And to that, we say IT’s on.

You are leveraging Event Correlation and Automation to prevent outages and improve incident management. IT’s on.

With BigPanda, you have situational awareness across your complex environment. IT’s on.

Together, we can support every aspect of your business that requires digital services. IT’s on.

Catch up or relive the Pandapalooza experience here.

Wondering what’s up with the PandaTV graphic? Well, this was a customer festival packed with breakthrough technology and music, so we decided it would be fun to tie into MTV’s fortieth anniversary celebration.

What started as an innovative way to combine visual imagery with music became the voice of many generations of MTV fans…a catalyst for cultural diversity and a crafter of trends over the years.

BigPanda strives to be part of something that meaningful within the IT community. We are proud to support our customers who are driving a movement to modernize IT Operations. Together, we will do great things…or should we say we will make beautiful music together?

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This day featured a series of quick talks where you will hear from BigPanda customers and product experts on these topics.

Doors Open
Welcome Assaf Resnick, CEO, BigPanda
The 3 elements of a modern CIO’s AIOps strategy Jason Walker, VP and CCO, BigPanda
Keynote: A conversation with Ally Financial

Sathish Muthukrishnan, CIO, Ally Financial

Bryan Dell, CRO, BigPanda

That’s SO Immature: How to level up your AIOps maturity Craig Ferrara, Value and Adoption Leader, BigPanda
Best Practices: Powering AIOps with Event Correlation and Automation Hansel Akers, Sales Engineer, BigPanda
Event Correlation and Automation: A conversation with Sony PlayStation

Junior Flores, Software Systems Engineer, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Chris Reites, AVP Sales Engineering, BigPanda

Low-quality Incidents: A high-quality barrier to automation and AIOps success Mohan Kompella, VP Product Marketing, BigPanda
Q&A/Networking Lounges – Enter a lounge hosted by one of today’s speakers to ask them questions about their session and also network with other attendees. Day 1 presenters
Day 1 recap and a look at Day 2  

This day was jam-packed with customer stories and product tips and tricks.

Doors Open
How to stop worrying and trust the process: A conversation with Lumen

Chad Finnigan, Sr. Director Application Modernization

Matt Maxie, Sr. Manager Automation and Tools, Lumen Technologies

Anirban Chattergee, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

3 automations you must start right now, featuring Abbott Labs

Jeremy Bragg, Infrastructure Tools Architect, Abbott Laboratories

Julie Cappello, Dir. of Services Product Management, BigPanda

A look at the road ahead Elik Eizenberg, co-founder and CTO, BigPanda
Maximize the value of AIOps and BigPanda Craig Ferrara, Value and Adoption Leader, BigPanda
The value of ECA when service is critical: A conversation with Waste Management and WEC Energy

Steve Liegl, Director Infrastructure and Operations, WEC Energy

Udo Strick, Enterprise Systems Management, Waste Management

Derrick Arakai, VP Customer Outcomes, BigPanda

Q&A/Networking Lounges – Enter a lounge hosted by one of today’s speakers to ask them questions about their session and also network with other attendees. Day 2 presenters
Day 2 recap and our thanks  

Three reasons you won’t want to miss this event


No fluff. Get content you can use—customer stories, tips and tricks, best practices.


Product insights. You might only be using 15% of what BigPanda can do—find out what you’re missing.


Fast and fun. This customer conference is like no other— expect broadcast-style sessions and music, music, music.

AIOps is fundamentally changing the way your IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams deliver always-on digital services. BigPanda’s Event Correlation and Automation is the fastest way to unlock the full potential of AIOps. Watch Pandapalooza on-demand to hear from other customers who have partnered with us to prevent and resolve outages, improve incident management and deliver extraordinary services.

Elik Eizenberg
Co-founder and CTO of BigPanda

Assaf Resnick
Co-founder and CEO of BigPanda

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Heard at Pandapalooza

Heard at Pandapalooza….

“We discovered we could go faster than we thought we could.” – Lumen Technologies

What will you hear?