Why now is time to join BigPanda

Why now is time to join BigPanda

Our latest round of massive funding isn’t the only reason we’re celebrating here at BigPanda. While it is an exceptional accomplishment—pushing the company into Unicorn status—there are other elements of BigPanda right now that have attracted talent from around the world. Our own Vice President of Global Sales, Matt Peloso, sat down recently to talk a bit about why today is the most exciting time to join BigPanda.

The sky’s the limit

“There is a ton of market cap left to go,” Matt said. The cap is so high, we can barely see it. Why is that? Because there is real pain out there that BigPanda solves. The tangible, serious business challenges that IT Ops face on a daily basis are the reason we exist, and those challenges aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. BigPanda was born to solve IT Ops’ problems [that] no one else can, and we do it with an awesome team [and] great culture.”

The scale and complexity of the digital economy is growing, and BigPanda’s customers—IT Ops—are in the thick of it. As enterprises adopt more cloud solutions and onboard more microservices, the digital economy gets more complex and IT Ops’ job gets harder. This is where BigPanda’s opportunity is unlimited. As BigPanda’s CEO Assaf said, “This financing enables us to dramatically accelerate our growth and take our best-in-class AIOps capabilities to the next level. There is much to do.”

The Goldilocks zone

As Matt put it, BigPanda is “right in the middle” of a unique time where we’re poised for massive growth but have the important parts figured out. We’ve proved the solution exceeds customer expectations, we’ve proven out the sales process, and we know what we need to do to win. Those components are only going to improve, and our stellar sales team will make sure of it.

BigPanda also has built out a robust customer success team dedicated to ensuring customers derive value from the BigPanda AIOps platform. Chris LaPierre, Regional VP of Customer Success for the West and Central Region, said in an interview , “We understand the criticality of what our customers do in the increasing digital economy. We’re here not only with our technology and our awesome platform, but with our Customer Success team to ensure that our customers are able to meet their goals and keep their services reliable.”

Fly on, flywheel

With just 1% of the market share right now—and the bare minimum pressure we’ve put on the pedal—BigPanda is already taking off. That means explosive growth is in our future and the career opportunities are endless. Matt noted our flywheel is pretty impressive, and as the momentum continues to build, we’re all excited about what the future holds.

BigPanda sales is at a jumping-off point. Poised for unforeseen growth with a support structure that nurtures each employee and fosters creativity, our sales unit has a full tank of gas and is revving the engine. We’re looking for empathetic team members who bring the right aptitude and attitude to the table . Now’s the time to join our team.

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