What BigPanda’s recent funding means for our customers

What BigPanda’s recent funding means for our customers

The effects of BigPanda’s most recent round of funding—amounting to $190 million—will be reverberating throughout the company for years to come. And it’s not just BigPanda employees who have experienced a surge of enthusiasm in the wake of our Unicorn status. Our customers are thrilled at the prospect of more innovation from our team and new products that help them automate and evolve.

To get specific insight on what the investment news means for BigPanda’s customers, we sat down with Matt Peloso, Vice President of Global Sales at BigPanda. Check out the videos below to get his take on what BigPanda’s customers can expect in the wake of this exciting round of funding.

No slowing down

One of the most important outcomes of this amount of funding will be BigPanda’s ability to keep up with our customer demand. Nothing will be slowing down for our customers anytime soon. Data will only grow in volume, and our customers will only require more capacity. This funding will enable us to “double down” as Matt said to accelerate innovation and scale to support customers through their AIOps journeys.

No more fire-fighting

Perhaps the most poignant takeaway from Matt’s interview was his point about helping our customers through today’s instability. “There’s plenty of uncertainty right now in the world, and the global economy,” he noted. “And our key customers in so many different verticals—finance, media, healthcare, retail—[and more], they can’t stop. They have to keep the world going, and they need to keep evolving their business[es].” This relentless pressure to “keep going” is what IT Ops feels every day, and it’s what BigPanda solves with AIOps and automation.

This latest funding injects possibilities for new products, more research and development, and the addition of stellar Pandas to our team so we can keep solving those evolving challenges for IT Ops. Our customers are sure to see a slew of next gen tech, as Matt says, in the coming years that enable more scalability, more cost optimization, and better performance.

Not just keeping the lights on

But ultimately, as Matt pointed out, BigPanda isn’t just helping IT Ops kick off automations, reduce noise, and make things easier. We’re giving IT Ops their day back. We’re offering a ticket to daily peace of mind and the space to contribute to higher-value, more strategic work. With the ability to work on projects that are mission-critical to the company, we’ll help IT Ops experience a tidal shift in purpose.

As IT has become one of the most in-demand and high-stress job categories in existence, BigPanda will help shift that stress off of humans so they can achieve a better work/life balance. As Matt said, this is about more than just keeping the lights on. This is about our customers being able to develop their products and differentiate their own business. This helps IT Ops contribute to organizational growth and the bottom line.